possible rear differential failure quoting $9870.00

  1. If my car goes into drive and reverse but has no power either way, I can roll it and when I put it into park it sounds like power steering is going crazy does this sound like it could be something else? I'm trying to bargain with myself.

  2. I’d be looking around for a wreckers with a whole rear diff/axel and swapping the whole thing out. Would work out way cheaper

  3. I have changed out 3rd members, installed new axles, put in whole new rears, and replaced the differential in a pick up truck rear end and car. DHL, FEDEX, Amazon just to name a few all use and have used this chassis. Imo, your best bet considering your experience, tools, knowledge and predicament? Would be find a whole rear, drum to drum if possible and change it out. Pay attention to gearing. Yours should have a metal tag on it stamped what ratio you have, find the same. Being a 2500 chassis, if you look at only other 2500 sprinters you’ll likely find the exact same gear in some of them and maybe even a high percentage of them. But you want the same gear. Idk how many miles you have on your 2015 but if you look you’ll find them out there with less miles than your broken one. If your mechanically inclined? Once old broken one is removed, open it up if you have opportunity and see what failed, plan accordingly for when it happens again. Some 3rd members (diff section) are needing very precise measurements when installing in order for it to operate correctly and prove durable. This is part the reason i suggest switch out whole unit.

  4. If 10k is the best you could do, I would consider looking for a Dana axel of a Ford F350-F450 and modified it so that it works. For about $250.00 + leaf springs saddles remove and welded to new axel ($50.00)+ driveline modification ($150.00$ + maybe rims ($100.00). New axel U bolts ($50.00) maybe modified the parking break cable ($100.00) your at about $600.00, pay some one to do it $1000.00 = $1600.00.

  5. Yeah it should be fairly easy to replace it yourself if you replace the entire thing rather than revuild i cant say how easy a rebuild would be you can probably find one on lkq thats where i got mine

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