1. How do you find using royal kludge? I wanted to get a small mech with 2.4ghz to use from the couch for when I occasionally game with the PC connected to the TV

  2. Can't go wrong with keychron. One of the best keyboard companies to recommend to someone who has never had a mechanical keyboard or someone whos only ever used a "gAmEr keyboard"

  3. Isn't that the same company, that had a bunch of QC issues and gave people massive amounts of hell about fixing it? Also had like zero warranty?

  4. I would buy akko boards but I don't want to have to use their software for remapping and I don't know why they refuse to use south facing PCBs.

  5. Yea I would love to get an akko board but Im worried about imporr tax to eu and the german site doesnt ship to my country

  6. I'm wondering about their boards. Happy with their other products and I saw they have some very nice looking MOD boards, like the MOD08, but it's priced at Q2 level so I wanna look into the quality a bit more.

  7. I’ve personally bought three keyboards from them in the last year or so, and while I do agree that most of their boards are excellent, customizable, and just all around fit for most levels of mech keeb enthusiasts, their customer service SUCKS. I don’t even want to get into the experiences I’ve had dealing directly with the company after receiving a faulty board once, and looking for other general support another time - but it was TERRIBLE.

  8. Too bad they are slacking off with support. Got a K3 that is frozen and support is taking a week to make me diagnose everything but say their keyboard is SOL.

  9. Keychron has been absolutely great for this hobby. Although no ergonomic offering (yet). Keychron columnar staggered split tented keyboard on the way??

  10. they need to come out with poly carbonate version and maybe some with a brass weight. not for the sake of variety but because im so done with no-name studios coming out with random boards for $800 usd. these studios are only in for a fast buck.

  11. K4 is great minus the fact that it is too tall. I had to get a wrist rest thanks to the awful typing angle causing tons of pain in my wrists. Also a bit that applies to very few people but function keys/fn doesn’t work at all on linux

  12. Got a Q2 the other week and the daughterboard snapped due to force, and they are sending out a replacement for free. Great quality keyboard and great service too!

  13. I'll be more interested when they start offering 40% keyboards with QMK support. But indeed they are a great entry point to mechanical keyboards in general, a Keychron was my entry point.

  14. Unlike some companies which makes bad products and clone other people’s work. Yes, I’m talking to you Glorious.

  15. I was trying to decide between a Keychron or something else but the GMMK 2 Glorious just came out which pretty much checked off all my boxes. The thing that bothered me about the Keychron was that you couldn't buy a barebones version without switches and the USB C position is pretty obnoxious.

  16. I was trying to find a decent mechanical keyboard. I figured I’d try keychron as my first.

  17. I really hope that Q5 doesn't get delayed (est. Apr/May). I didn't realize how much I missed that numpad until I lost it.

  18. I'm eyeing that one as well. I recently got an RK98 and an RK96 and I've been really enjoying them, but it would have nice to have a more solid gasket mount board.

  19. Love the Q series, that series make every studio scrambled and made a daughter company and made a budget version of their offering. I mean, if it's not for them pushing the budget alu keyboard we probably won't have great budget alu board from other maker like QK65, Zoom65, Zoo65, and many more. I mean Glorious even took so much time releasing an updated plate for GMMK Pro let alone make another GMMK Pro in other layout.

  20. Really hoped the Q85 would get more interest. F13 Knob RGB Tsangan in an aluminum case with no branding or logos is ideal for me

  21. Man, I feel this way about their 60% hhkb layout! I have been checking the Q60 page weekly, hoping I will see a sudden boost in funding lol. But with 17 days and 149 boards before the green light, I’m starting to lose hope.

  22. I've got a Q2, really good keyboard, built it as my first custom. Need to mod it a bit but even stock is really nice, especially the stabs

  23. Got a K2 and a K3 with browns and love it. :) I want those function keys. Layers is too much hassle.

  24. My k2 hotswap is great. I’ve done modding with foam, o rings on the standoffs, and changed the switches to Akko jelly whites. Only gripe I have is that my plate ever so slightly bent making my spacebar uneven.

  25. If only they had the ISO layout available. I just cant find a 96% ISO keyboard for a decent price. Keychron k4 looks good but its not available with hot swap board.

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