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  1. Does anyone have any recommended keycaps for the Keychron K2? The feel of the stock ones aren't to my liking and I would love to hear some recommendations.

  2. Would anyone recommend something similar to the Zoom 65 Olivia Edition, but something actually in stock and I can get my hands on.

  3. Keychron Q2 with Knob is probably the closet instock board. There are a bunch of other 65% boards instock that don't have knobs. What about the Zoom65 do you like?

  4. Are there any quality pastel keycaps with legends in the center? I like how centered legends look, it feels playful, which is exactly what I want. I've looked at the ones made by GMMK but as a German together with shipping it becomes hard to justify financially. I'm looking to kit out a Epomaker TH96 96% keyboard with a knob. I'm fine with staying with a white knob, I might paint it by hand.

  5. Please help me! All input is appreciated but I'm trying to choose between a beginner prebuilt keyboard and I've narrowed it down to the upcomin Mojo84, Keydous nj80, and iQunix OG80 . Also looked at Keychron Q1 but didnt like the stock sound and aesthetic comparatively. Help me out!

  6. When doing tape mod + case foam. Should i put the tape mod first on the back of pcb then the foam or foam first then tape mod?

  7. tape mod is on the back of the pcb. case foam is usually under the pcb, sitting on the case. this means that unless you do some wack shit you really don't have to worry about this

  8. id maybe recommend the keychron v1 as a good first kit. shine through generally isnt popular when you go deeper into customs so id recommend getting used to that

  9. there arent any differences from what im aware of. they were just different rounds of group buys hence the gb3 and gb4 names

  10. So I ruined my gmmk by spilling a drink on it. That keyboard was kinda a splurge for me, so I'm looking to pick something up that's budget friendly.

  11. I am looking to buy a 75% or TKL keyboard. I am not skilled enough to build a custom keyboard and I am on a budget, so I am thinking about buying the Epomaker EP84. Does anyone have any reviews and experience with this keyboard because I am wondering if it is a good keyboard and is worth the purchase. I am thinking of getting the Grey Retro Cherry Profile with the Gateron Black switches.

  12. I am looking for a 75% or TKL wireless keyboard for work from home typing, light gaming (Diablo 2) and light video editing. Budget is under $100 USD.

  13. One interesting tactile i would recommend is the mint chocolate chip switches (similar to neapolitans) and for heavy linears, you should try the mx blacks and maybe the thick thock marshmallows? Nice list btw 😎

  14. Heya. I am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to get my first every custom mechanical keyboard built with the help from a guy that knows a ton. What I need is a gasket mounted 60% OR 65% Keyboard that has lights all around the side. Currently we are going with the GMMK Pro. but i cannot stand the knob on the top right of the keyboard. The budget is MAX 200$. The quality of the case is very important! Hope someone can help me :)

  15. It would probably cost more than your K4 if you could find one. Etsy is an ok place to look for an acrylic one that would probably be close to what you want. Could also try to get one custom made if you’re really set on it.

  16. Heya all, just need a bit of advice/recommendations for my first build. Can anyone recommend a keyboard kit that has USB-C/Wireless connection, 60% with a case sort of like the K617?

  17. Not a 60%, but a 65% instead: Keychron K6 or K6 Pro if you want full programmability. Wireless and wired connection modes.

  18. Hello! I'm building my first ever keyboard it's a TES84. And I am looking at the EPOMAKER Ajazz Peach's any thoughts

  19. I need to ask about ASA Profile compared with Cherry Profile. I have Cherry and OEM and can feel that OEM can increase the weight of the keyboard switch. I have to hit them heavier. Maybe caused by the height of the keycap?

  20. It's less about the weight than the height. OEM profile is slightly taller than Cherry but not noticeably so for most people.

  21. switch placement south facing switches were the standard when cherry made thier design now most pcb support north facing placement

  22. Hello, building a 60% with my son and stumbling through it. I've learned some things since my question yesterday (and I can't find it today? As of this morning no one answered so hopefully that's still the case and I didn't miss anything!).

  23. I'm thinking of using the DMK Astronaut in my next build, and was wondering what keyboard kit would go best with it colourwise. Would be grateful for any suggestions!

  24. Hi I saw the Wooting 60HE and it boasts a feature called "Rapid Trigger" which is where the key will be instantly released as soon as the key is depressed.

  25. prob done software(pcb hardware ) side so may not be exclusive but i havent heard of anyone else having the feature TBH the time saved on keypresses with this feature are more of a gimmick as the difference can be measurable to a human

  26. I bought an NK87 for my gf and after building and testing, the RGB doesn’t seem to function properly as the only colours possible are red through yellow. Basically, when we try to select green, purple, blue etc., they just display as some hue of red/yellow.

  27. No question, just some excitement that's probably not worth it's own post: I have some U4Ts and 80g springs on the way (and a new PCB). Me and my Q5 are ready for the update. :)

  28. Would yall recommend KTT roses as a better budget option than the normally used Gateron Yellows? From sounds tests, they sounded better imo and are also in a similar price region

  29. I recently bought a Keychron K4 from Amazon with the new G Pro Red switches, and I am thinking about getting the same ones for my Akko board, but the Yellows. There are so many iterations of the Yellows, idk which ones are the same as the Reds I currently have.

  30. I have an unresponsive key, all my other keys work normally. anyone else ran into this same issue? its the Q key for me, using hyperx alloy fps..

  31. im using a magegee mk mini 60% and wanted to know if there was a way to permanently set the arrow keys so i dont need to hold down fn to use them

  32. Not familiar with that keyboard but if you know what keycodes those switches output, you can probably use AutoHotkey to run in the background and set those to be arrow keys all the time.

  33. Sorry, looked everywhere and couldn't find them either... they could be aliexpress or ymdk ones though?

  34. Hi. I’m currently in the market for a keyboard to use at work. I’m looking for something quiet with a nice typing experience, and in that search I’ve stumbled across the Nuphy Air75.

  35. Does anyone know the size of the inner screws for an Owlabs Mrsuit keyboard, the screws that connect the PCB and the plate?

  36. Just ordered the new Red faze ducky one 3 mini. planning to do alot of mods to make it thock lol. but keycaps are where im stumped. the casing is a translucent red and idk what keycaps would match! I have some setup pics

  37. I want to retrofit a removable cable on my Corsair K70 LUX because the cable broke recently. I want to keep the passthrough port on the keyboard functional so I was considering making a custom cable (2x USB A to 1x USB C) and use the extra pins on USB C as the port is limited to USB 2.0 speeds anyways (might be 1.0 not actually sure).

  38. Hi, I am just curious about keyboard modding. I recently bought a second hand Corsair Vengeance K65 TKL with non-rgb cherry mx red switches. My curiossity peaked my interest into maybe in the future to swap them to the rbg variant (because typing in the dark is still difficult without keyboard light). Is this possible to swap from non-rgb to rgb cherry mx switches and have the rgb also work?

  39. Not sure if this keyboard will be any different, but you'll have to just desolder the current switches and solder in the new ones

  40. What in stock acrylic cases, or case files do Sneakbox’s Alice pcb and plate (+foam?) fit in? Wasn’t able to find anything on their website, so if someone can point me in the right direction.

  41. Hello! I'm looking for something to replace my k70 that is starting to have a few switches fail.

  42. If you don't mind a 75% keyboard which is essentially a TKL but with keys clustered in a more compact form factor: Keychron Q1 or V1.

  43. Looking to get away from Razer products after some consistent QC issues I’ve been having over the years. That being said I want to replace my Huntsman Elite.

  44. So I’m new to the whole mechanical keyboard scene but I got new switches for my hotswapple kb but the new switches (NK Silk Olivias) won’t fully clip in on the top side of the switch

  45. What's the keyboard? It could be they aren't put in the right way, or a problem with the plate?

  46. I cant get VIA to work on my zoom65, this is my first build looking for any help. I've seen people mentioning a JSON file but I can't find where that would be.

  47. https://ymdkey.com/collections/keycap-1/products/ymdk-laser-etched-ansi-iso-oem-profile-thick-pbt-keycap-for-mx-mechanical-keyboard-filco-ymd96-rs96-ymd75-kbd75-fc980m-vea-75

  48. I know it’s not about mechanics here but my question is: Which material would be the best to make a wrist rest? Couldn’t find a different sub to direct my question. Thanks in advance. 🤙🏻

  49. I'm having trouble with a YMD-75 v3. I got the firmware flashed but for some reason it always defaults to layer 1.

  50. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://kbdfans.com/products/spacebar-foam&ved=2ahUKEwjF3eLBhaf5AhVCHKYKHRiBDwQQFnoECA0QAQ&usg=AOvVaw2D_jOoEPezq8XN-_4ZMeTY

  51. spacebars resonate more sound due to the larger size compared to other switches. you can use foam the inside of the spacebar key if youd like to dampen it

  52. Just assembled a keyboard for the first time, but the spacebar doesn't sound quite how I expect.

  53. couldnt watch the video due to being at work atm but somethings to consider - if its rattling/pingy most likely didnt lube the stabs enough, possibly spring ping from the switch.

  54. I'm looking for a keyboard with a big/wide/thicc bezel. I know the Piggy has a pretty wide one. But I'm looking for recommendations and names to keep an eye out for.

  55. You are not gonna do better than a Q1 without majorly sacrificing things, the Q1 is super cheap for what you get.

  56. Are Epsilon switches good for making my first custom keyboard? I want it a bit thocky, so is this a good option or i should get something different? If they are, where can i buy them in the UK?

  57. Just look for some cheap PBT set on AliExpress. You can easily find blanks in OEM, Cherry, and DSA Profile, and probably XDA as well.

  58. Do you have a little flex in that $100? Leopolds are still the best prebuilt keyboards. Not a lot of modding to be done, but then most of the mods are already done: silencing foam stock, lubed stabilizers, dampening inside the space bar, Doubleshot PBT caps. Switch options for MX Blacks or MX Clears.

  59. Anywhere sells the Keychron Q2 (ANSI version) in the U.K.? Trying to avoid hellishly expensive import tax and duty. TIA!

  60. Where do I buy a 65% case, PCB and plate with ISO layout, and per-key RGB lighting that actually fit together? Where do I even buy a 65% case that's not the Tofu65 but also doesn't have that stupid empty space next to the arrow keys?

  61. Anyone Know Silent Switches? Any budget, I just need some silent switches that i can put into my keyboard to make it quieter at night, because U4Ts are really loud

  62. Is there a real version of the pbt fans purpolch render case? The case in the render looks really cool, kind of like something designed by teenage engineering.

  63. I am looking for a budget tactile to rival, or be near the Zealios V2. Even if it is a different type of tactile curve. Doesn't matter. Any opinions?

  64. You'll have a better experience with bakeneko60. It's pricey to hire someone to desolder for you and customizability of the switches are definitely worth it. mx browns are... well it's subjective

  65. My Keychrone K8 Keyboard keeps disconnecting in wired mode when playing games. I think that it has to do something with the power supply but i doubt it. I have a 750W power supply so it should be good enough to give the keyboard power.

  66. what is a good switch to begin trying? i’m trying to build a keyboard as i’ve been interested for a few years, but i’ve only really experienced the big three standard switches, and i’m uncertain what i’d like. At the current moment i don’t think i want to lube, and i’d like to keep the price relatively low. I was looking at Tecsee Carrots, but i’m unsure if the jump from red switches would be too much for me. I’m also unsure how i feel about tactile switches, but i do want to try them out.

  67. Hi! So I watch alot Scott's (Keybored) videos alot. I haven't used Durock V2 stabs eversince and I'm planning to use it for my next build, If I remember correctly he said the Durock V2s really max out their potential if Holee modded. Has anyone ever experienced this and how do they differ really? Thanks!

  68. What’s the best keyboard for me, I’m doing gaming, schoolwork and video editing on davinci resolve

  69. that's just preference - some people game with smaller boards and others game with bigger boards

  70. Are some keys just more prone to wobble than others? I have a new Keychron Q6, and my right shift key is more unstable than any of my other stabilized keys. It's obviously longer than the other keys that are that stabilizer size so maybe that's just the way it goes? It's not terrible it's just noticeably different than the other keys, which are all pretty solid, Any advice or solutions for a fix would be appreciated. Thanks.

  71. What's your favorite Split TKL keyboards with hot swappable switches? I've considered the Mistel Barocco or maybe the lily58 if I get the gumption to build my own. (I haven't soldered in ages but could work up the skill if needed.)

  72. I moved and left my keyboard back home. That said I need a keyboard ASAP, which I guess is my main issue.

  73. There's a black stack acrylic Alice66, and the Akko Acr Pro in black (which is polycarbonate and not a stacked case)

  74. Received my novelty key after being in transit for multiple weeks. Attempted to install onto my keyboard with no success. Appears that the cross on the key is too small to be placed onto the switch. Any suggestions on how to MacGyver this issue? My metal files aren’t small enough to fit within the cross on the key unfortunately.

  75. Hello. I have a custom built keyboard, the board is GK64XS, with boba u4t switches. Some of the keys on my keyboard randomly stop functioning properly, they either don't register, clicks twice, or the click being delayed It goes away after some time but then another key has the same issue and this issue has been plaguing me from the start of getting this keyboard. Any help on how to fix this would be appreciated!

  76. You might want to try a factory reset. One key on my GK68xs randomly stopped working, so I reset the board and it’s worked ok since.

  77. have you tried to reseat the switches? i've had issues like this in the past but reseating it usually fixed it for me

  78. 40% keyboard in the Philippines, where can I find one? Scoured most local stores around Manila, and shopee/ Lazada.

  79. Any recommendations on a 60% mechanical keyboard with usb dongle connectivity that has a fair price/performance ratio? Thanks!

  80. you'll only find 2.4g support in the budget segment of the market (or with prebuilt companies like logitech). you may be interested in looking into akko, epomaker, and other brands for starters.

  81. is it possible that you keep bending the pins of your switches? you can also try testing the pcb with tweezers or something conductive to see if the pcb is the issue.

  82. no. the shine is from light hitting the material and long term use degrading material off the top.

  83. Some of the LEDs and keys of my RK100 aren't working anymore. When I removed the switch to see the problem, I saw that there was liquid spilling out of it and it eroded a part of my keyboard. Some keys are malfunctioning as well, such as the "K" key that activates the caps lock all of a sudden and the "," key that inputs "<" instead.

  84. A while ago I bought a Logitech Pro X for my work setup and absolutely loved it, it feels phenomenal with the Cherry MX Blue switches, I'm addicted and I don't think I can ever go back.

  85. Finding a pink keyboard is going to be tough. Akko makes a number of pink keyboards, but none of them come with Cherry MX Blues. However, some of them are hot-swappable so that you could replace the stock switches with MX Blues.

  86. Creating a numpad and want to go ultra tactile and loud with no thought about ease of typing due to it being a numpad. I’m torn between dark jades and zealios v2. Dark jades are louder but zealios have a heavier spring. Any advice?

  87. when you say "ultra tactile and loud" why dont you pick a clicky. such as kailh box clicky (pink, white, jade, navy).

  88. Okay I have learned the truth and seen the light, which is: you don't have to use the same switch under every key. And now, suddenly, I care about switches a lot more because I don't have to buy enough for my full board, just my alphas, and that's like a revelation to me.

  89. I’m searching for a wireless silent mechanical keyboard, don’t know what’s the best options in this space and further don’t trust most internet articles.

  90. Definitely go with Keychron. You will have all plenty of options with them. All possible layouts. Detachable type c. Possible aluminum frame and possible hot swap. You could choose between white light only and RGB. You can choose between gateron reds, blue and brown. You said quite so go with the reds because the browns are disaster trust me. A very good bluetooth connection. Currently I am using my Keychron K6 and it is great, totally would recommend.

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