The Mega Budget Polycarbonate Keycap Set

  1. Unfortunately it completely shows it’s price because of that cheap looking “space” and “alien” lol. All they had to do was leave that off and keep it simple and it would look a 1000 times less budget

  2. There is a different spacebar in the set is at least a little better, but I completely agree. I figure if the print is good enough to not wear off quickly it will also be a PINA to get off the space bar. Bummer.

  3. Love the gloss. Love the smoked PC. Love the price. Indifferent to the ink color, That SPACE bar though...... I guess its PC so in theory I could sand it off and polish it back to gloss? Should be easyish since its convex.

  4. Meet the Keebmonkey Mega-Budget MDA Profile Polycarbonate Transparent Keycaps. A very high level of clearness is achieved by the use of the Polycarbonate material and the high standard of the injection molding process.

  5. I'm probably in the very small minority, but I it like when ABS caps go smooth - my only complaint is they don't all go smooth at the same rate.

  6. Great pictures, that is tempting. I actually like the SPACE bar. it's a bit obnoxious but so is the "this is plastic" space bar, and I like that as well.

  7. I don’t get why people like transparent keycaps, it’s of course a opinion, BUT they look so uncomfortable, look like they would sound really bad, i can only really imagine downsides.

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