James Donkey A3 Gasket Pro Keyboard

  1. It would be really nice if you could say what software you can remap the keys with. Is it running on VIA or QMK?

  2. Is our next step in this community to get into the realm of automotive suspension? This reminds me of the rubber cone suspension from Classic MINI Coopers, and we've already had leaf springs!

  3. It would actually be super interesting to see a keyboard with enough flex from, springs perhaps?, that mounting little Itty bitty damping shocks actually becomes feasible.

  4. Is this shipping immediately? Are there sound tests/video reviews? How’s the software that’s used to remap the keys? Are there going to be more color options? These are things worth knowing before pulling the trigger. The price is very aggressive!

  5. The same james donkey that made the 007 mouse that james reviewed on ltt. If it is then you probably shouldnt buy it lol

  6. Was gonna get the Keychron v1, now idk what to get. Really dig the orange but don't know if it'll match what I've got going on. Has anyone tried vinyl wrapping a case before?

  7. What case material is this? There's zero mention of it anywhere on the site or on the poster's bullet list. I'm assuming ABS or some kind of plastic?

  8. This board is quite good for the price. I’m considering getting one. But seriously, who names these companies? James donkey? ..maybe Iguana Smith or Shawn Salmon.

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