clipBOARD - megalodon Macropad 38 for Clip Studio Paint drawing

  1. YOO!! A sibling gifted me one of these for my birthday for the express purpose of using it with photoshop, am LOVING it. Cheers, really dig those keycaps (mine are semi-transparent blanks, gonna take a bit of memory to get used to hah)

  2. Best sibling in the world. Cheers mate! Keycaps are from MAX Keyboard. I used to use blanks on my boards but one can only memorize for so long lol but do enjoy your board! It’s awesome

  3. Amazing job! You made your own stickers? I'm wondering if I should get this one or the smaller one that has 16 keys and 3 dials. Mainly for video editing and graphic design.

  4. sorry for reviving an old thread but ive been wanting one of these macropads (either the 16 key or 30%) and wondering how this one’s been working? + my main curiosity is how you’ve set up the knobs since I also use csp and am thinking of setting one for brush size and another for scrolling/movement but not sure if that’s possible (i currently have zoom for scroll only so)

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