Sensing things that have happened to objects

  1. My daughter gets very uncomfortable in antique shops and I’ve seen her step back or move away from things. I can do it too - psychometry not one of my pronounced abilities though.

  2. I have a necklace that feels like I’m choking if I put it on. It was suspiciously cheap for the quality, so I’m guessing the store could tell something was off about it, too.

  3. I had this little stone amongst larger rocks call out to me to take it with me….one story of many such wild phenomena…this little guy’s voice was so distinct. x

  4. …and yes, I brought him home with me! Now nuzzled amongst crystals and dried flower buds, surrounding a candle. x

  5. Yes I’ve felt this before too at times. I actually buy the majority of my clothes second hand and haven’t had that feeling about clothing, but definitely artwork and household objects at times have felt like they have held information

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