Hot ears

  1. YES!!!! But for me, it is both ears. My hot flashes are pretty well controlled now, but I will occasionally get the weird fiery, burning ears.

  2. Oh my gosh, I used to get “hot ears” when I was on the Pill, years ago. I haven’t had a hot flash yet, but I’m sure “hot ears” is about to make a comeback!

  3. Yes! The derm said it wasn’t part of my rosacea, google says it’s a migraine symptom (referred pain) which the neuro had to seriously repress the eye roll when I asked. I’ve had 3 hot flashes in the last 5-6 years but my ears! Crap they can blaze, almost always one at a time. They are a little more frequent if I’m flaring badly from the rosacea but I don’t get both at the same time. I take multiple histamines daily so I don’t think it’s related to allergies or histamine resistance. I haven’t worn earrings in months. I gave up alcohol. It’s not linked to my sugar consumption. It happens almost exclusively at night. I’m at a loss to control this.

  4. oh gosh, that sounds terrible--the HRT has somewhat cut down on mine but I do still get them from time to time and it's really awful so I sympathize so much that you are getting it so frequently.

  5. I came to ask the same. Thought was my rosacea. My body been putting me through hell. I get random hot ears more now at least I'm not the only one

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