and hardwired won, next kill ‘em all or load

  1. The albums are pretty different so it’s hard to compare them, but personally I listen to and enjoy Load much more than KEA, so I’d have to go with that

  2. Load. I love Kill ‘Em All and at the moment those two are my favorite Metallica albums. Load has a special place in my heart

  3. Load. KEA is obviously more iconic, and it's fun when you're younger; but as I've aged, the songs on Load have come to mean more to me. I know Load has no chance of winning, but that's all the more reason for me to go down with the ship.

  4. Ride the Lightning and ...And justice for all are the best two out there in my opinion. I would put Master of Puppets as third but I have to admit that it’s incredibly difficult to decide between them as they are all great.

  5. Load has a large variety of sound, KEA songs kinda blend together, and load was after they had money so the sound quality is better and they already had a lot more experience and skill by that point, plus I've always liked melodic music more than just straight thrash, I love all their albums though

  6. You’ve got MOP facing RTL and AJFA facing Black in the first round. An album like load can make it beyond any of these four. I know what you were trying to do, you already knew which albums would make it to the end and you wanted to level the playing field. I bet when you submitted the post, you heard the voice of Raymond Holt, with the full force of his gravitas, say “It was at this point, he knew, he fucked up”.

  7. It has to be kill ‘em All just fast a great listen all the way through unless metal militia or maaaybe phantom lord isn’t your thing. I could see the case for load but just not against KEA it’s just kind of hard to compare those honestly.

  8. Kill em all is pretty much the birth of thrash metal while load is just some hardrock album. Just for that kea wins for me any day

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