[Game Thread] Michigan vs Iowa (12:00 PM on FOX)

  1. Man. For a win over a top 15 team with a solid QB and good defense, I would think ppl would feel better. Go blue

  2. This was not a good win all things considered. This still confirms to me that we will get rocked by Notre Dame and Ohio State.

  3. Offsetting penalties is the fucking stupidest rule in the book. I helmet to helmet your receiver, you hold my DE. These are the same.

  4. I don’t really understand this offense when the RPO only gives you the option to run it up the middle. I have to believe it’s more than that but we keep running the same RPO.

  5. He certainly won't here. Harbaugh is way too conservative. Will be afraid Milton will throw interception and lose game.

  6. Our defense has them fucked up, and frankly looks incredible. They simply cannot handle our pass rush. Yea D. Brown has issues with the crossing routes. But he deserves credit.

  7. It does look like he's been deploying zones to mitigate it, but they still work way too well. At least it seems like he's identified the problem and is shoring us up so that Ryan Day can't just recycle the playbook from last year.

  8. Not that I mind, but seriously now the officials are calling penalties? They ran a pretty loose ship for three quarters. I feel like officiating has been pretty inconsistent today.

  9. Gotta love when the defense has a great series and the offense goes three and out in about 15 seconds. That’s gotta be so fucking demoralizing. That missed FG is looking really bad now

  10. His throws have been on-target. Iowa's defense have just been covering extremely well, and the receivers have been dropping.

  11. I feel so sorry for this defense. I want to put all the blame on Patterson being completely non functional... But Harbaugh is apparently blind

  12. I think this defense is just amazing and McGrome is a stud I can't believe he wasn't a starter at the beginning of the season.

  13. Bitch all you want about Don Brown, but this defense has been lights out today. The blitzes are working and he's called several zones to cover crossing routes(even though the coverage has been blown a couple times) on third down to keep the offense honest.

  14. This defense deserves better than 10 points with all of these sacks and the turnovers they have forced.

  15. It’s possible UM only drafted elite receivers to make their defense better. It’s certainly not to score.

  16. Probably just me but that ball looked like it crossed right over the top of the post. Which is good. But what do I know

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