[Game Thread] Michigan vs Penn State (7:30 PM on ABC)

  1. As much as it would be great to say that the refs cost us the game (which it looked like would happen in the first quarter), they at least made up for it in the second half. They weren’t the ones to drop the ball in the end zone. It wasn’t a blowout, and there is hope for next week.

  2. It's a shame, a damn shame they didn't tie it. But it's pretty damn worrying that a guy like Hamler would choose PSU over Michigan. One of the massive issues we have on offense is we don't have the KJ Hamler's of the world on offense...anywhere.

  3. Recieving Corp is all going pro. DPJ, Collins, Black are all 3rd rounders or better, not to mention Bell.

  4. Let's not have to hear about Patterson's mistakes for one week at least. This one is on the receivers who can't fucking hold onto the damn football.

  5. Fuuuuuck....alot of missed opportunities, a few bad/missed calls that were costly, but in my opinion they let this game get away, having a safety cover Hamler on 2 scores really hurt, should never have a safety on an opponents best/fastest receiver....

  6. C’mon, let’s be realistic. None of us thought this was gonna be a win. It was a closer game than we expected.

  7. Fuck it. We made it a game. Some lady told me football is boring yesterday. So stressed I feel like I’m dying. Fuck you lady.

  8. Knew that shit was going to happen. But it’s hard to be mad at the D they played a pretty damn good game.

  9. I understand we want to get mad at him but he had been good most of the game give him some credit

  10. Shea balled out down the stretch, dude makes alot of mistakes and bad reads, but damn if he didn't play well when it mattered.....need something special again from the D....

  11. Was lucky it wasn't intercepted and some kind of penalty on that stupid throw to the back of the end zone. Still have a chance. Just dont give up a first down and you got a shot

  12. God... that's just...brutal. And Shakesperian. Patterson probably having his best game in Michigan and that has to be almost the 10th drop just tonight

  13. Yeah, he's been a huge offensive player for the game. Shame he wasn't able to pay it off yet.

  14. It is finally looking like the team will have a good platform to build on even in the event of a loss.

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