Who would you like to be the starting QB next year? McCaffrey or Milton?

  1. I've not seen enough of Joe to want him. I think this team belongs to Dylan and has been proven because when Shae struggled earlier this season that's who he went to. My only concern with Dylan is his Injury history.

  2. I like Dylan's ability to run the ball. When Shea keeps the ball on options, it gives the defense an extra thing to think about and plan for, and it makes the offense better. JM doesn't have the same running talents that DM does, but JM has ludicrous arm strength. If he can hone his raw talent into a usable QB, then his arm might make up for his lack of legs. I think it really depends on how Harbaugh and Gattis want to run their offense next year and which QB can better utilize the pieces around them

  3. My biggest gripe with Shea has been that he seems really slow when cycling thru his reads and if his 1st and 2nd reads aren't open, he gets nervous and rolls out even the pocket is still clean.

  4. Arm talent wise I love Joe, but I think the coaches like McCaffrey. McCaffrey can also run better, but let's hope Joe doesn't transfer because DCaff seems to get injured. Milton will get the opportunity I think.

  5. I’m always confused by the McCaffrey love because he hasn’t really looked that impressive anytime he’s in. People always clamored for him to be in over Shea and it never made sense to me. Joe is gonna be incredible

  6. They just think Dylan’s fun to watch run - which he definitely is. But he’s not that refined of a thrower. I think Joe could go either way.

  7. Totally agree. From the little we’ve seen McCaffrey throw, his arm strength leaves ALOT to be desired. I hope it’s a real competition this spring/summer. I think Joe has the better upside.

  8. Harbs rarely letting McCaffery throw makes me feel like he's probably more of an athlete playing QB than just a QB and he's just a gimmick guy. Milton hasn't shown much either but from everything I've heard, his arm is amazing. Does that mean anything? No, but stretching the field is what Michigan has lacked and that could prove to be valuable in taking that next step

  9. I don’t usually root for a specific player, nor am I specifically rooting for one, but my logic here is that Milton getting the gig would suggest that he has found the consistency to beat out McCaffrey. Right now, McCaffrey is the tentative favorite to start, as he’s been the established backup for 2 years. So if he can beat out the heir apparent, I’d say that’s suggestive of a more complete player.

  10. They both have high ceilings and I have a hard time deciding who’s ceiling is higher. McCaffrey because of his legs or Milton because of that cannon? I’m excited about whoever wins the job and I’m optimistic that we won’t see much drop off at the QB position from this year, even as compared with the MSU/IU version of Shea.

  11. Assuming DM wins the competition, which seems likely, I doubt Milton transfers. Unfortunately, DM has had the injury bug, which would leave Milton as a junior with a chance to win two years of starter. Of course, we have another top-10 pro style guy coming to campus for next year, and then a five star pro style committed for 2021, so you never know how that complicates things.

  12. Im hopIng we have some sophomore, true freshman, or a transfer emerge. It is likely Mccafrey but we need backup options too

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