Oh man

  1. I know. Went over there to see if any Spartan fans could admit they were over rated and were exposed. Instead they teamed up with OSU fans to insult Harbaugh. Fucking pathetic.

  2. Mel Tucker made that deal with the football gods at the beginning of the season: beat Michigan and get that bag in exchange for getting absolutely embarrassed by Ohio state.

  3. Did anyone else pick up on this? He was clapping like Brady Hoke after getting scored on. I don’t think Tucker gives a rats ass about anything anymore once he signs this guaranteed contract. Dude looked like he was thinking about what stocks he was gonna buy on the sidelines.

  4. I’m actually glad that OSU laid it on thick. Whether or not it’s the right way to take a loss, the poor officiating played a huge roll in Michigan’s loss to MSU. That game could have easily ended at 40-21 in favor of U of M. This year feels different. Each matchup between teams is about matching strengths to weaknesses more so than ever. OSU barely beat Nebraska. Next Saturday is winnable. The game plans will be key.

  5. I’m sorry but if osu plays like they did today we will need a perfect game. Osu looked great against walker and stopping the run so Cade is going to have to make some throws to safe us and win it. I do think our defense will fair better but idk if we have the dbs to stop all the wr’s. Going to need a big day from the dline

  6. An Ohio university could’ve easily hung 100 had they wanted to. But hey Tucker is the only one laughing - He would’ve gotten a perfect $1M for every point scored on him.

  7. Back up that brinks truck for Mel tucker! Hahaha. He’s a mediocre coach who hit the jackpot with a transfer rb. Let’s just be glad we don’t have him as our head coach. OUR team is special and this has been an amazing season—win or lose next week. All I know is that we are 10-1 and ranked in the top 6 in the country right now. If someone had asked me if we would take that before the season started, sign me up ! Go Blue. Keep the Faith and crush the Suckeyes next week. HAIL!

  8. Why, MSU has horrendous pass defense and OSU has an amazing passing attack, next week won't be as easy for stroud as it was today. Is OSU a great team? Obviously, but there was an incredible matchup for OSU and they took full advantage, end of story

  9. MSU has a horrible pass defense, we have a great pass defense, we’ll be fine if we can run the ball and eat up clock and keep their defense on the field. To be fair we did greatly outplayed Sparty but we let out foot off the gas

  10. I don’t understand how we make fun of MSU and they beat us…. Regardless how they loss to ohio they still beat us so what’s funny?

  11. I hate MSU regardless of what the score between us was and I was poking fun at our own team as well not just MSU

  12. I found this absolutely hilarious and delightful, on the heels of the Mel Tucker contract talk. We needed MSU to lose. I still don’t think we can beat OSU, but if the stars align…our opportunity is now.

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