[Game Thread] CFP Semifinal the Capital One Orange Bowl - Michigan vs Georgia

  1. Cade was rough tonight but I can’t help but feel bad for him. He lead us to the CFP, beat OSU, beat Iowa to win a B10 Championship, but he probably won’t be starting next year, which is the right move because JJ is better and has a higher ceiling. I wonder if he stays or transfers. Idk I just feel bad because he lead us to where others haven’t in a long time

  2. This was tough but it could’ve been 31-0 rough. Glad that got a couple scores and came from an awful team last season to the first semis in forever. I can’t imagine to be so bitter to try and drag on Michigan on this thread because your team is incapable but it shows who they are. What is TTDS anyways? Them turds down south?

  3. Here is what I truly don’t understand. I HATE Ohio State…but I have roughly 1,400 better things to do tomorrow than go into their sub during the Rose Bowl. I hope Utah destroys them. But if not, so what?

  4. We can praise JJ without ripping on Cade. We wouldn’t be here without Cade…the guy who kept his poise and made some big throws to beat Nebraska. The guy who threw a dart to All in stride to win on the road in Happy Valley. In all honestly this season was perfect for JJ, he got plenty of PT and experience and will be more prepared for next year. And in return Cade led us to the CFP

  5. Not sure I’m ready to think about Michigan basketball lol. But we will see if the football team died so basketball could live

  6. I am grateful to Cade for this year - he played his role so well for all but one game. But this needs to be JJ's team moving forward. JJ has the talent, poise, toughness to lead us for the next 2 or 3 years. Hitch your wagon to him, let Cade transfer somewhere, and open this offense up.

  7. I’ll root for him at another program harder than I’ve rooted for a non UM player in the past (assuming the team is fine). But yeah it’s gotta be JJ

  8. You know it’s funny because I feel like I can’t count on two hands how many times they’ve tried that type of play this game, and almost every time it has worked. Why the fuck weren’t we doing it more?

  9. I mean that was text book targeting. Defender can’t use the crown of his helmet to initiate contact. It’s to protect the defensive player just as much as the offensive player

  10. Future is bright, young guys look good. Got some good 2ndary recruits too. Everyone should be hyped for going forward! JJ gives us more passing too

  11. Can we please talk about litter-ally have the people on this thread who don’t seem like there actually Michigan fans?

  12. Well if we were going to get our ass whooped I’m at least glad we flashed some solid hope for the future.

  13. This makes me more excited for next year with some of the new recruits we got this year and JJ and Edwards and with Bell back!! Only worry I have is we are losing two stud DE’s

  14. Again where was this the whole game, creative vertical passing. I think o-line was solid just got to release the ball quicker and have a better game plan!

  15. Well NCAA going to have a low viewed natty two SEC teams they didn’t want it in the semis they will get it now

  16. Yeah, rooting for Georgia but not watching that shit. Fuck the SEC. They’ve made a mockery of college football.

  17. I don't give a shit at this point. What a fucking year from this team, and I can't wait until next year. Thank you to every single player and coaching staff and anyone else involved in making this magical season.

  18. Yo, all y’all fake ass Michigan fans get out of here,tired of seeing this shit about Jim, and this one game , the thread is full of haters tryna shit on us, but how bout we made it here or who were playing or recruiting or any prior knowledge on college football!? Like stfu? Go blue either way these young men paved a legacy and all the people hating and talking shit can go to ohio or bama . Ima be bout my team until there’s a rough game? Duck out of here!? It’s Georgia they lost to Alabama only? Half there team is 5 stars all y’all fake asses can stop acting like y’all watch football. We lost they were better but it’s not all this other shit, it’s all y’all posers that get me, your either behind the team and family or not, not here for the wins and then hating at a L? Wtf

  19. Michigan is only getting better in these next few years. I don’t know why folks are acting like this is the end of the world.

  20. These play calls have sabotaged any chance of a win. Yes we surpasses expectations but to lose and game plan so badly is just shit coaching. To beat Georgia you must throw the ball downfield, and have a north and south run to keep the defense honest. Instead the plays were all to the middle of the field, very few sideline throws, defense was in way to much man coverage. There was no simulated pressure no drop back fake blitzes, just no creativity. Bennett is having his season best game, he’s a damn walk on like what the hell team?

  21. Dawg here. I know this isn’t the outcome sucks for y’all. Definitely been there. We’ve had to suffer through a lot to finally have a legitimate shot. Don’t be too down on yourselves. The hurt quickly fades to optimism for the next year. I don’t need to tell you this. Your program made huge strides this year and this McCarthy dude looks like he could be legit. Fuck Bama. Fuck OSU.

  22. All has hands of stone, but especially so because he's not used to a good qb throwing hard, accurate passes. Next year the offense will be better. The defense, well...

  23. I hope this made you feel good about yourself. I'm sure your mom would be proud of the kind person you grew up to be

  24. We’ve been beaten on literally all areas of this game. We deserve to lose. But what an incredible year. Happy to be a Wolverine. And as always, fuck the fuckeyes

  25. Love y'all. Love Michigan. All this year has done is show everyone that Michigan belongs. Unranked to a top 2 team in the Country. One hell of a run. While it's over... It's been real. Coming in, I don't think any of us expected us to beat OSU and B1G CHAMPS. Man, it's been real. Don't be down. Georgia wanted it more, they're tough. Props to them, they deserve it, we didn't want it as bad. We'll be back... Love you guys!

  26. And replace him with who? For what he came into he has totally turned the team around. The gap between Michigan and ohio started years before he came in. Yes it took a lot longer than most of us wanted, but he has brought Michigan back into recognition.

  27. Tough play call there. Got to love the potential of this offense though. JJ needs to learn a little touch on his passes in the off-season and to how to avoid so many big hits, but between him and Edwards they have a good young core. Factor in Anthony and better WR play and this offense could be dangerous next year.

  28. I think the OSU game gave Michigan a false sense of identity. They were counting on coming into this game and running on this Georgia defense. And when that didn’t happen, they had no backup plan.

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