GATSBY Portage MI Haul

  1. Mitten Extracts give me a hangover type feelings he next morning if i’m using it at night. Same feeling michigan plats gave me. Could be a $10 cart and it’s just not worth the shitty way they make me feel

  2. 5/$100 for Mitten? I couldnt beleive this! No. Way. Then I saw why... mitten EXTRACTS. I was thinking Mitten GREENS. They are great, MG that is. Mitten Extracts I place with Platinum Vapes and Savage Sticks, lower end, also Turd(Terp)Tanks. As far as Platinum, I stopped with them when I found Gooeyman and Mitten Greens. Only brands i use now. Similar pricing also for, imo, higher quality. The Mitten Greens carts even have 10% cbd as well in them. No delta8 in either.

  3. I’d place mitten extracts even lower than plat tbh. Maybe with terp tanks haha. I’ve never seen more defective carts get returned than I have with mittens, at least the hardware on plats is reliable

  4. Boring shapeless high. Worth every bit of $25 but not a cent more. They will impress your friends from Ohio and are good to take on a road trip (for concealment state) but it’s a lame way to get your thc

  5. Personally I love Platinum. They are not weak unless you have super high tolerance. For the price they are worth it. Everyone is different in opinions. I can’t afford “live resin” carts that are half grams and do not get me higher than distillate I have tried several Michigan brands including Cresco. Sure these are distillate but they are not weak.

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