Not sure if we have anyone from High Life in here, But shout out to them (also puff for the amazing deal) 7g for $58otd 🔥 super sticky and smokes like nothing else iv had, plus its really fresh. 10/10 so far.

  1. Iv never really had a bad experience with them so far. This is easily the freshest and best quality bud iv smoked in a while 🤷‍♂️

  2. What don't you like about their product? If you can make such a bold statement, surely you have some kind of issue with them.

  3. Interesting that they would purposely leave out the Test Lab and Test Date. They filled in everything else even the harvest batch metrc number

  4. Looks like they’re using treez as a point of sale but the inventory guy isn’t inspecting the sticker templates for compliance before he prints the batch.

  5. Boo mcma hiss they wanna ban home grows. Fk that, so many people to spend with don't mess with the crooked political types.

  6. Boo hoo go cry in your grow tent, “people” are not available everywhere to buy off of conveniently and it’s difficult to find a reputable caregiver right now.

  7. It’s part of the product info, for edibles it will say something like 30-90 minutes or whatever they say it is and concentrates all have it on the label too. So when new people walk in and buy something they have an idea what to expect

  8. High Life bud is really good quality. I'm not getting into politics, this thread is about good bud. Their motor breath is straight gas. Melted strawberry is another good strain from High Life.

  9. This isn’t that bad. I seen op giving high life a shout out. Thought the comment section was going to be a massacre.

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