Alien OG 👽 🛸

  1. Looks like some killer I ended up passing on this one for the jack herer and a couple other ozs next door all of it’s some fire glad you’re is too. I like how they actually put their fire stuff on sale like they had this weekend a lot of other places just try to sell their hood for a low price to get rid of it. Zen leaf always got some grade A

  2. I wanted to try that one but they were out, they had super lemon haze at 29 percent but I tried that already so I grabbed the alien OG. I’m so happy I did, when I opened the jar I was surprised how loud it was. Deffinitely gonna pair well with the 3 Floyd’s gum all head tonight.

  3. That isnt really that much of a price gouge. Under $10g. Maybe Ohio's finally getting their sh#t together price wise? Looks like itll be kind to you for sure looks fire.

  4. zenleaf on weekends does the half for 125. So I just go in on weekends. Then after two weekends I have enough for a 30$ discount with my points so I’m out the door $105 after tip and taxes. It’s been a nice lil process

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