I found this thrifting and was hoping someone here could tell me more about it.

  1. It seems to have a lot of Soviet pins/ patches and I wanted to know the story behind it or if it’s just a collectors bunch of stuff all out together. Inside stitching has a tag in Russian as well.

  2. VDV, tank and ground forces patches, and a lot of pioner and other soviet youth organization pins, and some souvenir pins. But these things separately have quite nice value.

  3. It's a bunch of stuff mashed together, the only thing I can recognize are the pioneer pins and the bear which iirc was the mascot of the moscow olympics.

  4. Seems like a fun item. The value of a thing can be personal. I've a little bit of concrete supposedly from the Berlin Wall and an East German flag around here somewhere that a friend got me when she was an exchange student over there in '89. They always remind me of the relief and hope I had at the time.

  5. Hey, I've a piece of Berlin wall as well. Childhood friends Dad chiseled it off that week it was coming down. He said that the police didnt care. Mines prob about only a 3 inch square chunk. Kinda neat has the spray paint on it and all. Smelled like mint. Might've been from how he smuggled it back to the USA, Hawaii.

  6. The one with lenin next to the city pin with the anchor is an award titled Shock worker of Communist Labour. I found a short wikipedia page about it

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