somewhat big Aussie cones💪

  1. we can, we've got literal dispensaries just without actual flower. But it's just tradition to smoke out of plastic billy's (mainly Gatorade bottles, iced coffee and powerade) passed down from generation to generation, it's in most of our DNA

  2. A Gatorade bottle is significantly better than a cheap bong imo. I might be wrong but I believe Gatorade optimised the bottle design for use as a bong so it makes sense.

  3. What in the hell did i just watch? 3/4 butane hoot outta a gatorade bottle? Reminds me of 1994. Jesus christ.

  4. You probably burnt off like 40% or more of the thc, plus you’re hit is going to taste like cancer and butane. Just use a bic lighter or hemp wick if u can man.

  5. fuck up cunt its a gato thank you very much not your average "water bottle bong" fucking american cunt how dare you disrespect a peice of australian culture

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