I made a Minecraft themed graduation cap (with 3D eyes of ender)

  1. Yea, technically “the end?” is for entering, and “the end” is for beating the dragon (i think) so no ? would make more sense

  2. I see a lot of people asking if they can make this for themselves: Yes. You honestly don’t even have to credit me idc, just have fun with it

  3. My school is really strict about graduation dress code. You ain't allowed to have ANYTHING unique on you because unprofessional yadda yadda

  4. Now I am waiting for "The End." Achievement when he is old and "The Beginning" Achievement if he gets married / gets kids.

  5. If I did this (not that I would, I dont play minecraft) everybody there would laugh at me and I would get a ton of odd looks.

  6. How rude. OP, you are not making a fool of yourself, you are expressing yourself. There will be plenty of other caps at graduation that are decorated with all kinds of things. Don't let bullies on the internet make you feel bad about it.

  7. Haha absolutely love the achievement. It is funny cuz it ain't the end. You are just getting started 😎

  8. This is so smart! Happy graduation, i wish i had such a cool cap aswell, am graduating too rn

  9. Thought it was a propsal for some reason. Tho that'd be a cool idea "Will you follow me to very end?💜"

  10. yo this is sick! i was thinking about doing the “how did we get here?” achievement if our school lets us decorate ours

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