A crafting table graduation cap I painted and wore this weekend!

  1. Yeah, we were allowed to decorate ours with anything we wanted granted it was a) school appropriate and b) not 3D since 3D decorations can block people's view if they're sitting behind you. My friends made a lord of the rings landscape painting and a borderlands vault hunter symbol for their caps. Honestly it was really fun!

  2. When we got home from the graduation ceremony, my little sister insisted I let her craft something on it. So she grabbed a couple sticks and rocks from our yard and crafted a stone pickaxe on my head lol

  3. Yeah the end portal was one of my first ideas I wanted to do, but since my school doesn't allow 3d decorations the eyes would've looked weird

  4. Yep! We start in September (usually the 1st) and the other grades end their year in early June (I think it's the 4th this year)

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