What happened to you MOJANG

  1. They didn’t have a use at that point, since they were originally going to create frog lights. But since the magma cube does that now (and the community has “””never””” complained about ambient mobs being worked on), they decided to put their effort somewhere else. They’ll probably add them in once they think of a new use for them.

  2. At this point I feel like that Mojang isn't dumb enough for this to be an actual reason, cuz they gave the same reasoning when asked about why not adding sharks. Not sure tho...

  3. All the mob they added after 1.8 that were real animal had no or no good loot when killed: panda, polar bear, llama, turtle, fox, parrots, bees, axolotl, dolphin, goats, frogs, the only exception are some fish that we can eat or use in potion.

  4. I'm going to make slime irl, but all the frogs from a pet store, start recording, and force feed all the frogs on video, then @ Mojang and post it on Twitter.

  5. That's what I'm saying. Said the same thing about parrots not being able to eat crackers, and dolphins not allowed to be ridden. Add biscuits to the game, and add the ability to hold onto a dolphin's fin for a boost of speed. They can add both flies and fireflies to the game if they make them different enough.

  6. I remember when they made it so that Parrots were tamed by seeds because some people actually fed Parrots Cookies which caused them to die

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