Is MinusForum scamming people with pre sale and delay?

  1. I've preordered from them, and didn't have any issues. But because China and their Zero-Covid policies, production is often affected and not under MinisForum's control.

  2. I've preordered with minisforum and there was a delay but i eventually got my computer. My customer service experience was good, I had no complaints. Honestly with china zero covid it's very hard to properly estimate, even a trillion dollar company like apple can't do it.

  3. Yeah, product delays are very common. I thought everyone learned from the past decade of kickstarter, indiegogo, steam, etc had legendary lessons of preorder delays. The warranty seems pretty generous. 24 months for a very nice knock of intel nuc when most companies offer 0-12 months (cough beelink offers 12 months on reception cough). The warranty is still a very good deal if it is 21-22 months.

  4. Yeah, I hear you. I’ve been buying, ordering, selling techs for the past 30 years. I’ve seen all the crowdfunding platform start and I experimented myself the delays with them. And I don’t mind waiting for a product. As long as communication is clear about that.

  5. Hello, this is MINISFORUM rep here in reddit. I am sorry for the bad experienced that you had. Please let me know your order id and I will let the team get back to you about your order status.

  6. I ordered a mini pc from beelink, my pc was here after 9 days, they dont seem to have delivery issues, maybe you can cancel your order and ask on a different site for a mini pc

  7. I’ve been told by Minisforum that European orders are on their way. I’m gonna wait as requested for the next 2/3 weeks before updating this thread.

  8. As promised, I’m giving an update about my order. I received a tracking number last week on Thursday and waited to actually receive the package before giving you an update.

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