For us non-British Peep Show fans; what things have you learnt from watching?

  1. And a bachelorette party is called a "hen do". It's probably not in the show iirc but thought I'd mention it, so that you don't reason out that it'd be a "doe do" :D

  2. British and don’t think I’ve ever heard “chance would be a fine thing” outside of that one Peep Show scene.

  3. One of the best quotes! That and Mark’s “Im still in the abyss.. I’m now getting my post sent to the abyss” Still use that one myself sometimes

  4. In fact, in Minecraft you can name a Vindicator Johnny to make it attack everything (this is a Shining reference), but if you call it "rubber johnny" it censors it.

  5. Just to let you know: Orange isn't a mobile network anymore. It merged with another network called T-Mobile and is what we now know as EE.

  6. I learned that the word “urinal” is pronounced differently in England. In the US we say “yurrrrrr-in-ul.” Not “yur-EYE-nul.”

  7. Urinal is one of those words that as a brit I started using the american pronunciation and can't go back. Your-in-al is just easier to say.

  8. This is a silly one, but I hadn't considered that the UK had Mexican restaurants until Mark started working at one.

  9. I was about to question why you would think otherwise until I remembered the US has a border with Mexico. But yeah, Mexican food is too good not to make it around the world.

  10. I wouldn't say being the horsey type is necessarily a compliment. It's just someone who loves looking after and riding horses.

  11. I’d argue that “being the horsey type” isn’t really a compliment. It implies the person in question is “posh” - therefore a snob.

  12. I hate to have to live so relentlessly in the real world (aka the Uk) I would have to disagree with you on 1 & 2

  13. I don't think knowing who Peter Gabriel is is exclusive to the British. And he isn't polarising at all - he is rated very highly, unlike his ex-bandmate Phil Collins.

  14. Yes 'offy' is correct. The full name is 'Off License', which was a place where you could buy alcohol but not drink it, If you wanted to drink it you go to a pub (Public House).

  15. I had learned that when I was younger but I still recall an amusing moment in my college chemistry lab. I was wearing shorts because it was warm out but lab required long trousers. So I was halfway across campus before realizing it and had to go back and change, making me a few minutes late to lab. When I showed up I apologized to our British TA and told her that I'd needed to go back and change into pants. It took a second and her odd look before I recognized my mistake. "Uhhh... I mean trousers, I'd been wearing shorts."

  16. Though some parts of the UK (North West particularly) use pants in the same way as the US do.

  17. That Quantock is a word and place. That the girl from the Clueless tv show went on to be a adorable nympho in a great British sitcom.

  18. I just learned one last night. Super Hans mentions “borrowing some startup wonga for the overheads” re: him and Jeremy opening a pub that’s definitely not gonna be called free the paedos together. Wonga is apparently slang for money

  19. Wonga was also an infamous pay-day loans company that charged the poorest in society outrageous interest on short-term unsecured loans. The credit reference agencies automatically trashed the credit score of every single customer, regardless of whether the customer paid back good, thus making the situation worse.

  20. I wonder if he ever got Alpen back in. Last I heard, he still didn’t know when it was coming back in.

  21. I feel like I've learned quite a bit of history from watching the show which is quite befitting really. For example: I learned who Colonel Gadafi was, what the Black Hole of Calcutta was, and that Mao killed more people than Stalin!

  22. I think my favorite thing to learn is the litany of pop culture and political figures that Mark will sarcastically reference in his internal monologues. On first watch, anyone I didn’t know, I just took context clues and replaced them with an American analogue-usually just as funny. But after watching the series many times I have come to learn all about Britain’s collection of weird pop culture references (and the lesson that I was probably fine the first time, just enjoying the jokes contextually).

  23. "Exmoor? The moors? The barren moors, the moors murderers? We could easily die on a moor! Give me your phone."


  25. It’s just a small room or cupboard in a home that houses the boiler. You store your towels and linens there to keep them dry. It’s usually located in wasted space near stairs, or the bathroom.

  26. I paused the episode the first time through when Mark said he might “pop down to the chinky” and was delighted by the context. Pressing play on the episode again gave the rest away pretty quickly

  27. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is as American as it is British. Chuck Jones of Looney Tunes fame and Orson Wells did the classic cartoon.

  28. Walnut Whips are amazing, but quite difficult to find now. They used to be on every sweet counter in every newsagent in the land - now they're only available in multipacks from bargain shops like Poundland. Milk chocolate cone with marshmallow fluff inside with a walnut on top. What's not to like?

  29. So many jokes and references to specific food brands and stores made sense to me once I moved to the UK for a job. I had watched the series for the first time while in the US, and when I watched it again after living in the UK for some months, I enjoyed it even more now that I understood more references. However, there’s still some obscure politics references that come out of Mark’s mouth that I’ll never understand!

  30. I lived in Ireland and the UK for a while, so I think I had a somewhat easier time understanding their jargon as an American.

  31. I learned what Ribena and a Twirl are, that British people call groceries “the shopping,” and that apparently British people don’t date, they go to the pub instead?

  32. I was rather curious about what sort of things people have actually found out through context, but then this started evolving into another quote thread, and honestly, I like it.

  33. Not sure if it will ever come up, but just so you know Orange is no longer a phone provider in the UK. They merged with EE in 2010 but still used their brand and people still used their service until 2019 but now it’s totally gone unfortunately.

  34. Im pretty sure the yardies were in GTA 3, lol. That's how old the show is. It is funny seeing them with none smart phones, though they do have a blackberry.

  35. Someone also has a Nokia phone that had see through covers and came with a cutter (phone shaped with button holes etc) so you could do your own covers.

  36. The yardies aren’t a GTA invention. They’re a real thing the same as the triads that also get referenced in the games

  37. Anyone in the UK would at minimum roll their eyes at you calling it yo-gurt, and in reality want to slap you, most wouldn’t, but all would like to.

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