I think Juliana is hotter than Gloria, but Gloria is hotter than Claire, does that make any sense?

  1. That somehow makes sense, but I believe it’s just the attitude of them all, since Claire is sorta uptight (not in a mean way), whereas Juliana is more free and doesn’t really need anything to be perfection (since she’s distracted by Clive)! :)

  2. Gloria was hot in the first couple of seasons. The blonde hair and the tight jeans weren’t suiting her at all. In the later seasons she was always in jeans

  3. I didn't know that Vergara's hair is naturally that blonde and she was tired of dying her hair dark to fit into to the "dark latina image." I agree, I love it on her, but having to dye her hair for the whole run on the show would do so much damage.

  4. Juliana is carefree and has time to dress up. While Claire is a mom with all the worries. I find Phil more charming than his counterpart. Phil is a dedicated husband and father. He counterpart is not.

  5. I agree with this! Phil as himself is sexier than him trying. Tbh I think Juliana is the real, non-mom Claire who gets to come out when Claire knows it’s safe if that makes sense. Speaking as a mom myself.

  6. Juliana is hotter than Claire, but Juliana is part of the reason Claire is so damn hot. I’ll take both of them over Gloria. I also take Julie over Sophia. Pretty sure Juliana was named after Julie, who in my mind got to play herself in that role.

  7. Personality plays a part in attraction as does looks, and Claire in the later seasons is magnificent both physically and mentally. Gloria has greater looks but Claire or Julianna had good looks and fabulous personality.

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