I think 6 episodes is not enough

  1. Yeah but from them on it’ll just be snippets here in there from other shows and (hopefully) movies. I’m absolutely with OP there. 8 episodes would be an absolute treat. I mean WandaVision did it too, and was an absolute masterpiece. I don’t see how Marc will find Steven again (don’t tell me my boy is dead) free konshu, kind of reconcile with Layla AND stop harrow. It just seems like much for one episode… I really loved todays episode, as it gave an in depth view of Marc and Stevens mind, but it don’t drive the plot further really, which is an issue at such an episode length

  2. Do we know that? How do we know this isn't just a limited series and we won't see him again? Oscar Isaac said he doesn't want to be connected to Marvel.

  3. I think it is a mix of factors but I think covid has played a part and also actors schedules and availability of what they can commit to, I am always split when it comes to it as I love how there nice short seasons but then when they are really good shows it sucks when it comes to an end 😂 I could have gone for 8 eps of this show though, for me it’s beat Wandavision and Loki but I think it’s cos I’m biased with loving the character, the comics and Egyptology

  4. Episode 5 was powerful so good not I to awards but this should get recognition for its story telling a step up from the usual garbage setting standards raised the bar more power to Marvel

  5. I completely agree with you, but I just think 6 episodes isn’t enough time to complete the story in a good manor. It’s like with the d+ shows they are so focused on being like movies that they don’t embrace what makes tv a great type of content and they don’t embrace that. The only one that actually was wandavison i think and so besides moon knight has been my favorite of the shows so far. Marvel has on record talked about these shows being like “6 hour movies” and I think that detracts from what could be some of the best genre tv to have been released in years.

  6. I have been way on board from the very start and my only concern is that one more episode won’t be enough to wrap everything up. GOT has emotionally scarred me in this way

  7. That’s exactly what I’m getting at. I get they don’t want a lot of filler but sometimes the filler can help flesh things out. Falcon and the winter soldier comes to mind as a marvel show that really needed two more episodes to flesh things out. That plus I will say the only other grip I have with the show is that I think the action was lacking overall, was expecting more. Obviously not daredevil level but something like winter soldier movie level. I hope the last episode improves on this. That plus the cgi in episode 1 was absolutely god awful.

  8. The red flag of having a lot of loose ends is there, but I have a lot of confidence in this finale. Every episode has been knocked out of the park. It’s very very character driven and the whole Amit storyline has been secondary to Marc’s development and his mental health. So I don’t expect it to be all a giant CGI fight with character plot lines left hanging. I think we’ll get closure on Marc’s journey this season, with the introduction of Jake Lockley as well, and some plot threads will be intentionally left as clifff hangers without them trying to do too much.

  9. Agreed. Saving steven/introducing jake/escaping the underworld deserves it's own episode but now they are going to have to squeeze that in along with beating Harrow and establishing a satisfying ending.

  10. I’m not saying I want the old style of 22 episodes hell no. But 8 would be better. Allow more time to explore the characters and flesh out the story’s

  11. Dude, I keep wondering how theyre going to wrap up the show in six episodes when each episode adds a new problem to be solved and ends with a huge cliffhanger

  12. 1 season was a test, more so testing the waters to see success. If they hadn’t planned on making more seasons they wouldn’t refer to it as “Season 1”…

  13. I agree!! How come Wandavision gets 9 episodes but this show with all new characters only gets 6?? Plus I’d love to see more Steven and Marc bonding

  14. That's what I say to my another personality 🗿. there's only 1 episode left but they can't cover the whole story in 1 episode. They need 2 or 3 episodes to make. If they didn't. We shall not give moon knight ratings in IMDB🗿

  15. Have you ever considered the fact that thise high profile actors dont want to do 8-10 epusode seasons and are much more comfortable with a 6mini format?

  16. Was it that??? I thought marvel right from the get go planned on 6 episode seasons. Or they put it 6 “hours” cause wandavision was more than 6 but some of those episodes where shorter.

  17. Have to be a really long film... it needs more time, not less. It would be just like The Eternals, a very plausible premise presented in too short of a media.

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