Can we talk about Ethan Hawke’s performance as the psychiatrist as well

  1. Agreed, Dr Harrow and Avatar Harrow are such different characters in how they empathise and act around other people - it's still impossible to tell which one is real and which is fantasy.

  2. Are there any chances that Dr.Harrow is the mask of Ammit in Psychward like Dr.Emmet situation in Lemire run if not, do you think how Ammit will show up in finale in her crocodilian form maybe in Psychward or by Cult leader finally releases her from Ushabti.

  3. Counterpoint; their mannerisms are similar because cult leader Harrow acts a bit like a psychiatrist, rather than Dr Harrow acting like a villain.

  4. I think one of the great things about Harrow's character is that he's not portrayed as a typical villain. He's a man who thinks he's doing the right thing, even though it's hard. He's an antagonist who thinks he's the hero. He's not vicious, or power hungry, he doesn't lash out in rage or pride. He seems to genuinely believe he's doing Good Works, and that comes through in both his Cult Leader and psychiatrist incarnations. I wish we could see a Harrow before Khonshu, I think it would be interesting to see how being beholden to the god of justice affected him. "[His] justice comes too late," says to me that Harrow came across one too many horrific scenes in his tenure as the Knight.

  5. Quick note though that (based on what we currently know), Harrow is either lying to his cult intentionally about Ammit’s judgment, or he has deluded himself into thinking he really knows what Ammit wants.

  6. Its' interesting what they're hinting at with the villainous Dr Harrow bieng a figment of his imagination... but I don't want this to be the case...

  7. I've been thinking the same thing. It's chilling because he's so good at it and we know there's malice behind that façade, but the façade is so convincing.

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