Thoughts on Taweret

  1. It seems the story might echo into ALL the characters we see…where one entity must take the place of another, who is “missing” or “locked away,” in order to keep the balance of existence in place. Steven takes the place of Marc, Tawaret takes the place of Anubis, Harrow taking the place of Ammit (by serving divine retribution as an avatar) and so on.

  2. Haha! Imagine when she first found out she had to run the scales. "Here's some cards with tips for how to do this. Here's the scales. We've had to let Anubis go so you'll be taking on his responsibilities kthnxbye"

  3. I wish it had been an Egyptian actress doing the voice. That’s my only criticism. Why are all of the Egyptian gods British?

  4. I have a theory, that in a complicated way, she is a mirror of Steven, but equal and opposite—Taweret is a God as opposed to a victim, living in the land of the dead rather than "reality," and is female to Steven's male. The accent, in this case, is the clue linking the two. Crazy? Maybe. But I like it.

  5. they’re not ignoring anubis, the scales literally have anubis on them, more likely he is in stone and she is subbing (which is really significant because Anubis, not Taweret, not Ammit, handles the scales)

  6. Exactly! And it seems like such an intentional thing to have her instead of him. I really want to find out why he was imprisoned.

  7. I've been saying this from the beginning. The fact that Steven, the noted expert on Egyptology, didn't pick up on these same points makes me think something else is at play behind all this noise

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