[[SPOILERS]] EP 6 ... Finale

  1. I was pretty mad at first when we got a 35 minute episode then I was like hey it’s marvel gotta be something in the credit. Perfect twist to keep the storyline going.

  2. It was a pretty major point in the comics that some of the stuff Jake does is unknown even to Marc. His brutality borders on psychopathy.

  3. I think lockley sas underutilised, cutting his fight with Harrow was very dumb and the episode should have had been longer and developed story a bit more.

  4. I really wish we had seen his suit even if it was just a glimpse... God damnit now we'll have to wait 2-3 years for us to see it

  5. They've left so much open with Jake that we need a second season just to deal with it all. I had a feeling that Jake would be a more cooperative avatar based on his propensity to stab but this is straight synergy. How much has Marc been left in the dark this whole time? Now he and Steven get to live in a messy flat while Jake and Khonshu drive around in that sweet ride killing people? Does the fact that he speaks Spanish blow the bandaged Jake theory out of the water? They can't leave us here like this!

  6. Seems like it may have just been Marc but with a strong New York accent (for some reason), subtitles even said that it was Marc speaking. Happy to be proven wrong though!

  7. Yes. i don’t get how this is a question. The story would be different for the better or worse but it would 100% be more violent as it’s not made by Disney

  8. but unfortunately I think they would have demanded a 13 episode season like with other netflix mcu shows which would have killed the pacing in my opinion , dont get me wrong I think it should have had at least 1 ep more but 7 more seems overkill

  9. Maybe next time we get beared MK to compensate. I mean, they know people love Oscar in daddy mode.

  10. That's right! But now I need a season two to see the three of them interact with each other and, above all, I want a special episode in Jake's pov in which we see all season one through his eyes!

  11. right before the gunshots, as he turned, they should have flash-cut to all the jake scenes we missed in the show. i’m not a director though.

  12. 100% agree, the town in episode one. The date. The Egypt fight. Would have been really awesome and a nice way to round out the length of the episode.

  13. You should be working for Marvel bro why didn't they do that. Every shot taken takes us back to one of those moments.

  14. nah, more interesting to find all the clues on rewatch. I kinda hate it when movies/shows use the same clip twice; it’s usually unnecessary

  15. The episode was too short in my honest opinion. They covered too much with very little time. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we've finally gotten to actually our boy Jake, I just wish we had gotten to see where he and Layla are at, maybe he finally visited his dad after all this time, stuff like that. That said, I'm ready for more.

  16. Hard agree. We may get a Season renewal next week if we are lucky cause people have been LOVING this show, myself included.

  17. I am hoping that Disney take these recurring problems with their shows and fix them in their next batch. Feige has learned from mistakes in the past when it came to the movies so at least he seems to listen.

  18. It needed atleast 1 more episode to really give Layla her big moment, the whole thing with Tawaret felt like a last minute addition.

  19. I think the existance of Jake made this episode so short. If he wasn't there we would watch 10 minute fight sequence during the Mark's black out. And yet, that bold storytelling method worked for me. I enjoyed the episode and Jake's reveal.

  20. If I didn't know it was Oscar Isaac, I would think it was a different actor. His expressions are those of an entirely discrete person. He looks nothing like Marc or Steven. Oscar Isaac is remarkable.

  21. So, was it him talking with the NY accent and trying to stab himself in the eye with the glass pyramid trinket, or does Jake only speak Spanish!?

  22. I assume Jake is bilingual, but is was Marc who tried to stab himself with the pyramid paperweight. For some reason, he has a New York accent even though he’s from Chicago.

  23. I’m guessing Jake is the well-off alter than in the comics it was Steven who was more like Bruce Wayne. Personally making Marc Mr Knight leans into him being more logical like a detective.

  24. Marc is always the original, throughout all the different comic runs. I'm guessing it's no different for the show

  25. Marc and technically Steven is supposed to be older than Jake but I assume in this one Jake was when he was a kid at the same time as Steven.

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