Episode 6 - please do not skip the end credit scene!

  1. It really seems like Jake and Konshu have had a really strong relationship from the start of there servitude and Marc was just completely left in the dark.

  2. Well yeah it seems like all of konshu’s best work was done by Jake. Especially when Marc was about to die then blacks out and Jake takes care of everything. I really need to see more of this now. They could spin off an entire series on just that tomorrow.

  3. This was the perfect way to keep the storyline going. Im guessing while Marc and Steven feel they are asleep Jake will be going on complete different journeys with Khonshu? I can’t wait to see how this progresses. What an amazing finale.

  4. Once I saw Marc and Steven co- existing but still being tied up to the bed, I knew something was coming

  5. In the credits we do get to see 3 suits, starting one with a complete mummified look, maybe that's Jake's? Would be disappointing if that's the case, I'd expect a more modern armour suit for Jake.

  6. Well since I assume they’re following the comics for the most part then it will be Marc, Steven, and Jake. And absolutely Oscar should win everything.

  7. They do ask each other a few times whether it was the other after blacking out. So they must have an idea that there's another identity. Just that they don't know it's a Khonshu lapdog.

  8. In the end credits scene, Khonshu is wearing Steven's Mr. Knight suit rather than Marc's Moon Knight suit that we typically see him wear.

  9. I dont know but Khonshu wears it in the comics sometimes (usually with cobwebs from what I remember)

  10. Me laughing at everyone wha said there was no Jake. Damn that ending was a banger!! I’m still a bit confused about some bits and pieces overall but man that was good

  11. Jake was Khonshu’s little pet project, why the hell would he ever let him go? Sure he cant do MoonKnight stuff with Marc or Steven when they are awake but hey 1/3 is good enough for now

  12. In the comics he does have a Brooklyn accent like the scene where Jake is in the asylum room with Harrow and has the bandage on his nose. Jake did spend time as an underground boxer in Mexico in some of the comics though Oscar just said he figured a Spanish line would have the best impact.

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