Can you imagine being this bad at your job?!

  1. I like sinisterhood and voices for justice. With sinisterhood, Heather is a lawyer and Christie volunteered at a woman’s DV shelter so they had amazing perspective there. Sarah Turney with VFJ has got to be the most ethical true crime podcaster out there. The first episodes are on her sisters case, but she does many more and is so respectful. Sinisterhood also always lists their sources and I believe both podcasts donate to many causes since they literally profit from them

  2. Alissa’s case has always stayed in my mind… The creepy video footage, the blatant nonsense of her disappearance and their god awful father. I’ll have to give these a try, thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Okay people, we understand that being sick is out of your control. The issue with morbid is, it happens a lot, and when it does it always affects the schedule. Prior to the wondery deal, there would be days without any episodes, updates, or explanations from A+A, until they came back and gave the excuse that they were sick. Plagiarism issues aside, Crime Junkie is an excellent example of staying on schedule despite issues that are going on. One host had a baby and went on maternity leave, and then shortly after, the other host was hospitalized with a brain bleed. Not one single episode was missed or even late.

  4. I just listened to an episode of Murder With My Husband to check them out. I found a new podcast! Peyton seems so kind and empathetic. I love that they'll be donating their some of their Patreon funds to help victims and their families.

  5. Crime junkies has A LOT of faults, but they do seem to take their job seriously and treat it like a normal job where you have to meet deadlines.

  6. Ok, I think fucking podcast hosts should be allowed to miss an episode when someone has a brain bleed. And maybe sick people should be allowed to be sick and actually take a break? This isn’t life or death.

  7. Fun news..Ash has covid and John is cohost on the most recent episode on Wondery. Its honestly humorous at this point. However their little tirade at the beginning of one of last weeks episode after the drama on patreon really rubbed me the wrong way. They basically just said they dont receive criticism which is awful

  8. Is this a common feeling their listeners have? I’m new to the podcast and I actually quite like it. Especially Alaina’s intense research! I really like the multiple parts too and how detailed they are. I was into Crime Junkie for years but the research and little bits and pieces of morbid episodes really make it stand out to me.

  9. I’m a relatively new listener as well, and I felt the exact same way as you! I really enjoyed many of their earlier episodes and multi-parters because of said research, that it wasn’t until I noticed a bit of a change during my listen through.. I don’t know when or why, but as a grew to more recent episodes, I felt like Morbid just wasn’t giving off the same vibes as it once was in its earlier days (if that makes any sense lol) and it just went downhill from there for me, and probably a lot of other listeners. Didn’t seem like that same charm was there as they rose in popularity and I began to notice more and more their infrequent upload schedule (which definitely bothered me when there were times where we wouldn’t get an episode for almost a week with no sort of communication when one was coming and why the long wait). Once I got on subs like this one, I noticed other problems that always bothered me but couldn’t quite put my finger on.

  10. it's just the cycle of TC podcasts imo. people will listen to one until they find them grating, then move on to another

  11. I have 4 kids 10 and under and my household is sick from September thru June every year. I still function at my responsibilities.

  12. An affiliated podcaster has been accused of SA so of course it’s down with everyone who knows him. There’s no room for nuance these days and podcasters are supposed to be super human saints

  13. I’ve backed them when it comes to censoring themselves, and people getting upset at their takes. But they were def. always inconsistent, seems like that’s gotten even worse. I don’t even listen anymore because it seems to always be some 18/1900’s shit or the fiction...

  14. And here I was LOL'ing at the latest episode... I don't really read too deep into it, if I'm being honest. It's just a fun, casual thing to listen to while at work or gaming.

  15. I agree. If you want no chit chat and just the story, Morbid definitely isn’t the podcast for you. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. Depends on my mood but I’m glad it exists.

  16. I love Small Town Murder! The guys I think do a real good job of contextualizing the places they talk about.

  17. I don’t really understand how people can blame them for having a cold? Alaina has 3 young kids. I have 2 kids and one of us is always sick. Not sure how they are able to help it when they’re sick. Also, I doubt podcasting is the easiest job in the world. I would imagine it’s actually pretty hard

  18. I don’t think the point is that they get sick I think the point is they have excuses after excuses for not fulfilling promised content but then brag that they never get sick

  19. I have three and my youngest and I are just getting over a cold (funny because he’s 2 and I’m a SAHM so him and I are always home!) while my husband is just getting it! We’ve had it for a week so I thought everyone else was safe but nope! So who knows now if the other two kids will get it. Catching a cold isn’t really something they can control and it’s so bizarre to be complaining they are sick lol

  20. No, of course you can't blame kids for having a cold. But I can blame them for not planning correctly and following a schedule. You can record a week in advance? Or plan it somehow different, that one inconvenience doesn't mess up the whole schedule.

  21. Love Necronomipod!!! Thankfully I just started listening in the last few months and I am only on episode 60 something so I have a lot to listen too. So entertaining.

  22. not to mention MFM now seems to be more of a general misfortune podcast instead of a true crime podcast. like wth is their episode today? a tornado? since when is weather true crime???? i get it was devastating but it’s not a crime for pete’s sake!

  23. honestly the random case episodes from them are always some of my favorites. especially Karen's, I'll listen to any story she tells bc she does it so well. there's other podcasts that give the dark dirty details if that's what you want but there's room in the podcast world for everything imo

  24. Very true, but when you're making well into six figures if not more per year you need to hold yourself to a higher standard.

  25. I find these angry yelp review type posts bizarre. It’s like listening to someone complain to a librarian that they didn’t like a book they took out.

  26. To be fair though, they set this schedule for themselves. Nobody told them to do 3 episodes a week, they’ve chosen that workload for themselves.

  27. But if it’s so annoying, just don’t listen. The amount of podcasts that are out there - you can find another one. These posts where y’all listen faithfully every week just to come on Reddit and complain about how terrible it is are annoying. It’s so easy to find another podcast. If you’ve exhausted all your true crime options, branch out to another topic.

  28. Defrauding paying customers isn’t a mistake. Not adhering to a schedule they designed themselves isn’t a mistake. If someone did that in a regular job…they would be fired, for either thing.

  29. What is it about Alaina that you learned that's caused you to dislike her? Of the two of them she always seemed the most tolerable to me!

  30. Have a search on here for her Buzzfeed articles…Specifically one along the lines of if serial killers were in a boyband. She lists Ted Bundy as the heart throb, and includes a hilarious catchphrase for Dahmer - “I could just eat you up”. Gross!

  31. Didn’t read all of the comments-have you listened to sword and scale? Ton of content if you’re a $5 plus member. Also Mind of Madness is great.

  32. My issue with them is the constant swearing. For me it takes away from what they are discussing.

  33. Remember kids, no content creator owes you content. Doesn't matter if they've promised it, doesnt matter if you've donated to them, at the end of the day they don't owe anyone anything. This stuff is why a lot of creators just up and quit. They're human, they've got lives outside of making content. If it's that upsetting, find something else to listen to. I don't understand the entitlement. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  34. except the patreon wasn’t donations, it was people paying for no ads/ bonus episodes and they didn’t want to address the fact they aren’t upholding their end.. if that’s the case they need to say clearly that there won’t be bonus episodes and ad free episodes

  35. I'm with ya.. Just found sword and scale on Spotify! Cuts right to the chase and lots of interviews and audio.

  36. It does, but he’s pretty problematic. I listened to a couple of episodes and then Googled him. A real creep, and has some questionable opinions 🙁

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