bodies exhumed in guatemala in 2015 due to eviction from their crypts

  1. Along with a rapidly growing population, Guatemala has one of the highest murder rates in the world. Last year, the crime-ravaged capital of Guatemala City averaged 40 reported homicides a week, according to the United States State Department.

  2. I saw the first pic a while ago, and I saw someone say it looked like Danny DeVito, and now I can't un-see it

  3. This is really sad. They're so pressed for cemetery space that families have to rent crypts, and if they fall behind on payments, the corpses are exhumed and reburied in mass graves.

  4. Our country is not pressed for space yet you still have to pay yearly rent or they just bury someone else over you.

  5. I was worried this was the reason and it's disgusting. A place that disrespects its dead is a shameful place.

  6. This is why personally to me I think cremation is better but in these poor countries where Christianity is big they don’t believe in it.

  7. Fat can be preserved during natural mummification, look up "soap mummies". Not only that but some of these bodies look bundled up in layers of clothing

  8. I know i shouldn't say this but the first one made me chuckle a bit. When zoomed out, he just looks like a short, fat man hunching a bit with a big cheesy grin.

  9. They say people who work in the business of death tend to also be some of the funniest people you'll meet because you need a sense of humor to avoid being overcome with how depressing the job is.

  10. This is common in many parts of the world. After a set amount of time, the bones are taken from the crypt and placed in an ossuary. It’s often done for space reasons.

  11. Yeah, they're replacing the old low income crypts for new high rise crypts with a whole foods at the bottom

  12. For most of these, I like to imagine that there’s some really respectful story behind the process, and the workers smiles are out of some “dia de los muertos” type belief, but the one where their just jamming the poor corpse in a bag is pretty frickin heart wrenching.

  13. they are moving them with such ease and smile on their face like they are some furniture or goods and not 'dead human skeletons'

  14. I can only hope I’m that happy when the time comes…beautiful in a way. But why pay to be buried there if you’re inevitably going to be kicked out?

  15. Yea the families didn’t pay the rent, so the corpses had to be exhumed. Not really that weird honestly. Can’t just keep building crypts forever unless you want living people to be displaced by mausoleums and graves. Space is limited and the dead don’t complain.

  16. probably nerves or gallows humor. the first gentleman and the little old lady in the last picture are kind of cute in a way so maybe they think the bodies are charming? like “heh, hey look at that!”

  17. Its all fun and games until you hear something in the back say: "hmpf, these younglings don't respect their elders anymore"

  18. You guys seen that documentary of people in Manila slums living in cemetaries just like this? Children playing on piles of unburied skeletons and bones. I mean what a sad state of affairs.

  19. As ridiculous as it is for dead bodies to be evicted from a crypt, to be honest it seems equally ridiculous that anyone cares what happens to their bodies or those of their loved ones after they're dead. Shit's weird. Without a hint of sarcasm, honestly, when I'm dead, just throw me in the trash.

  20. I guess at some point, all of earth could be a graveyard. Need to find a way to recycle people. I like the idea of being planted beneath a tree. Or maybe cremated and turned into coffee mug.

  21. In a really twisted but wholesome way, they all look like they’re laughing at some sort of inside joke… kind of spooky.

  22. That first picture the corpse literally looks like it’s got a shit eating grin on its face and for some reason I just keep picturing Danny Davito.

  23. I fully agree, but based on the comments, this is bound to happen eventually. You must rent the tomb for your dead family member, how long could you afford to make payments?

  24. It sucks but makes sense, the funeral and burial are for the living not the dead, and at some point the living are gone too, no need for bodies no one knows to be taking up space. It’s crazy to think that someone should own a space on this planet for the rest of time. We should all be cremated or something where we aren’t taking up so much space.

  25. no, that's the sunken in eyelids. your eyes are just fluids contained in your cornea, they are among the first things to go in decomposition

  26. So yuck, all the clothes turn that ugly brown because of the decaying flesh. I've stumbled across dead animals, nothing but a pile of scattered bones stripped clean, that seem to have a more dignified resting place than this. Human folly.

  27. Paupers graves for these poor capitalists! If you want to believe and be buried like a capitalist westerner, you have to pay like one. Poor must make room for the rich. Potter's field is that'a way for the poor dead.

  28. I am from the States, but visited Guatemala City several times. I have been to this cemetery multiple times and knew of the practice, but seeing it brings it home even more. I feel like I could know the people employed to do this and it hits close to home.

  29. The first one is thinking “I thought I was done with all this mortal bureaucracy shit, oh well hopefully my nephew comes get me soon so I can go back to eternal rest”.

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