This is Kevin Davis and his mother, Kimberly Hill. Kevin beat her head with a hammer, played with her brains and then dragged her body to the bedroom to lose his virginity. 'I don’t have standards. I don’t have morals. A body’s a body. A piece of meat,' said Davis to authorities.

  1. I remember watching an interview/interrogation and courtroom footage related to the case. This young man is beyond mentally disturbed. The entire time he speaks he has a completely flat affect, and tone. No emotions, nothing.

  2. Yeah and at one point he casually says “well technically I didn’t lose my virginity to my mom, we had a cat that I strangled, cut open, and… you know the rest” like wtf dude.

  3. He’ll be out in 30 years and without a doubt will do it again. He’ll be give or take only around 50. That’s plenty of life left to keep hurting others.

  4. I just watched Morbid curiousity video on him. They way he was so calm in explaining things he did to his pet cat, and the plan he had for his sister was chilling. He is clearly a messed up kid.

  5. He better never be let out he clearly said he don’t care he will kill again because a body is a piece of meat surprised he didn’t end himself then freaking psycho

  6. Nearly forgotten this happened in my city and he went to my high school. He even mentioned in the interrogation tape that he’d said some things to classmates but no one thought anything of it. He wasn’t in my grade so I didn’t know of him, but it is terrifying to look back at a yearbook to see him on the same page as many of my friends and kids I knew back then. Scary stuff.

  7. At least something makes me laugh. This story is so sad. He says she was a great mom. He just has something with him. It's terrible.

  8. His poor mom RIP. I also wonder how his sister is doing? He said he fantasized about hurting her too. I can’t imagine what kind of trauma she must carry with her.

  9. I saw a show on ID, Signs of a Psychopath (I believe that’s what it’s called). As soon as I opened the picture I recognized him. He scares me.

  10. I went to high school with him and he always seemed a little weird. Very strange to go to school after finding out about this.

  11. Congrats! The only person who ever cared about you is dead and now you can spend the rest of your life rotting for being such a vile piece of shit that will go straight to the boiler room of hell. You won!

  12. He's a psychopath. He doesn't need anyone to care for him. He doesn't feel pity or remorse for literally anything. He also doesn't seem to have any aspirations in life so going to prison is something he didn't mind at all. He wouldn't have confessed and described what he had done in detail otherwise.

  13. Oh Christ you're just watching television after work and your son strangles you and beats your head in. It's fuckin awful.

  14. gonna be thinking about this the rest of the day. maybe the next. possibly the day after. and the cat too🥺 poor poor baby.

  15. Every single day, i get more and more tired of being stuck on this planet and this is one of the countless reasons why :/

  16. I'm really curious but what was he like when he was growing up? Parents beat him? Bullied at school? Illegal substances? What made him a monster?

  17. me too. are people truly born like this? just plain evil? did something trigger it? is there any way to truly help and change these people? it genuinely scares me

  18. Agreed. I absolutely love the innocence project too. And I'm all for rehabilitation over punishment but when someone has a complete lack of empathy and would self admittedly commit the same illegal acts again.. there's no way they should ever be released in society again

  19. I think calling someone like this “a bad person” is an oversimplification. It almost seems like he was born with some sort of brain damage. I mean, I don’t think most people have it in them to do this sort of thing even for selfish reasons.

  20. Imagine being on the parole board and being responsible for the decision to let him go and (in a way) for his activities once released.

  21. His interrogation video is the strangest one I’ve ever watched .. it’s on YouTube for those interested.. it’s like he practiced or something.. f’ing nut..

  22. I watched the interview on YouTube a few days ago, he planned on killing his sister too. When the officer asked why he didn't his answer was "oh i got my fill of killing" and the tone of his voice is like stomach churning.

  23. Adam Lanza was a real piece of shit. Reddit loves to bash Adam's mother but she took hin to therapy for years. It was her telling him they were going to move to a different city that set him off and got him angry enough to go kill the school kids.

  24. Absolutely crazy to think people are serving life without parole for non violent drug charges but this maniac will possibly walk another day

  25. Is something wrong with me? I feel completely desensitised to reading about all the shocking things humans have done to others; but as soon as an animal is involved I feel a great wave of anger/sadness come over me.

  26. Yeah some people are better off not existing for the best. Like I don't any single reason for such an individual to be allowed to exist among others. Just no way

  27. Its be interesting to see how his parole hearing goes when the time comes. Obviously he won't be rehabilitated. Tons of murderers try to plead insanity thinking it won't be harsher but the fact of the matter is it is just as bad if not worse due to being around other VERY mentally deranged individuals.

  28. 30 years? This man has no remorse. Saying he would do it again and his explanation as to why he did it. That's a scary human being. Life sentence would be better.

  29. "Yeah,I lost my virginity to a corpse" he says in the interrogation. I watched it last night.He was going to kill his sister too but explains "after my mother I decided against it,I'd had my fill of killing"

  30. I'd be curious for them to take a look at his brain and see what's wrong. He's obviously not normal and it's a shame that he won't be put to death.

  31. and this fine young man will receive better treatment over the next 20 years than most poor, non-murdering people will in America. He'll get 3 meals a day and a nice warm bed at night.

  32. I don't understand how these disgusting humans even exist. How does this happen? There's no help for him and he needs to be put down.

  33. Here’s the thing, this man should be in a mental institution for the criminally insane. Not prison. That’s the one thing that is wrong with the system now.

  34. "Davis, now 26, is serving his sentence at the John Montford Unit, a psychiatric prison facility which specializes with housing inmates who need mental health treatment. He will become eligible for parole on March 25, 2044"

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