Actor Anton Yelchin, known primarily for his role as Chekov in the latest Star Trek films, was killed in a freak accident in which he was crushed to death by his own vehicle.

  1. Yeah, this unexpected loss hurt. He was an extraordinary actor and his career was just starting to gain steam and notoriety. A real damn shame. RIP

  2. I once rented a Chrysler 300 with the same type of gear selector as his Grand Cherokee. For something that is so simple and commonplace, Mopar really went out of their way to make that gear selector convoluted and unintuitive. I actually remember thinking to myself, "Wow. This thing is going to get someone killed one day." And then two years later, when I heard what had happened, I immediately understood exactly how it happened.

  3. My mother had a Honda Element with the same issue many years back. I came home on leave one day and met her and my dad at their house. Mom returns from buying groceries, parks the car, and moves to the back to unload what she bought. The Element proceeded to roll down the hill and obliterate it’s front end against an oak all while the shifter is set to P.

  4. Those jeeps had gear shifts that were just dials iirc. As in a little round knob like the one for the radio and the A/C. Not a lever like every other automobile. Shifting into park should feel secure - not like turning on the defrost. Of all the stupid designs..

  5. For such a young actor he had a pretty impressive resume and pretty much would have gone in to be one of the biggest stars

  6. Jesus he was brilliant in the latest movies, one of my best friends were crushed to death by a jeep so it’s always left a sour taste in my mouth for the brand. Rip such a shame.

  7. He once played a nasty little bastard on a Law & Order episode years back. Next time was on Curb Your Enthusiasm. I liked his work very much.

  8. Such a tragic loss. So young and so talented. Really was becoming one of my favorite actors before this happened, still miss the dude like crazy when rewatching Odd Thomas or Green Room. Rest easy my man.

  9. This one really hurt. I was a massive fan of his, and I honestly believe he would have gone on to have an outstanding career. He was something special.

  10. I only know him from his small role in Jim Jarmusch's vampire flick Only Lovers Left Alive. He's absolutely brilliant in it too.

  11. He is known from a lot of things for me, and I never watched Star Trek. He was a LEGEND in the making

  12. I had this exact car and I remembered to always check it went in park before I got out the car. I can’t believe it didn’t just automatically go into park once the door opened. My car got called in for a recall to update the software to make sure when the door was opened it went into park automatically, a bit too late though for Anton.

  13. He was also diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and kept it a secret the whole time. Truly an amazing guy that had so much to give and live for. Will be missed forever.

  14. Jeep was obstinate to calling in a recall until Anton Yelchin died. Sad to say but his death probably saved countless others lives.

  15. I remember getting home from a horrid weekend and having a cold drink out side than found out when I started scrolling FB. My husband knew but hadnt told me cause he knew Anton was a favorite of mine and I'd had such a bad weekend.

  16. Such an enormous loss, he was so talented. I visited his grave last month at the Hollywood forever cemetery in Los Angeles it’s pretty impressive

  17. Anton was truly one of my favorite actors. Odd Thomas and Green Room are both in my top 5 movies and everything I saw him in, I liked.

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