Jak’Sho Morde feels like a cheat code

  1. I’ve tried ghost on and off but I honestly just prefer flash 90% of the time. The utility of being able to flash E or flash ult just outweighs the extra MS from ghost for me most of the time. If it’s a team with a ton of kiters, I may bring ghost, but typically it’s just flash for me.

  2. In my opnion its very good u get a lot of armor and mr from pasive plus conditioning u will have like 20% more armor and mr just from runes u will be tanky as fucka and still deal lots of dmg with sunfire and pasive

  3. Well. The play stats look promising (sp far). I know the patch is young, but I am hoping it is as viable as Rift, at times, since I don't want to build Rift every game.

  4. I played an aram with a build pretty close to yours, but went thornmail instead of demonic. I really like glacial augment hexflash Morde for casual games. So funny to repeatedly hexflash from bush into E and just surprise abduct a squishy.

  5. Mord with JakSho feels suuuper strong into ad heavy teams in particular. I played against a graves last night and I built Rylais into Jaksho and Sunfire and he did negative damage to me

  6. Actually it is better to get resistances from mythic passive than hp. The reason for that is Morde loves to build items like rylais/demonic both of which offer a good chunk of HP but no resistances. Jak’sho compliments those items perfectly.

  7. While it is true that demonic has less value due to less HP, Jak’Sho just feels so crazy on Morde and the synergy with his ult is phenomenal. In this particular game I was getting railed by a Hecarim early on. I was 0/3 and had half his farm. Once I made it to the Jak’Sho spike, I just started demolishing. Got a triple kill and just kept snowballing from there. Also, I’ll note i went Rylai’s rush. The item just feels like such a massive spike once you get it due to the crazy amounts of resistances you gain during combat.

  8. But demonic sinergizes pretty good with jak'sho cause once you start draining you aply demonic to everyone around you even if youre fighting them or not

  9. Just remember, that Conq scales greatly with Morde's HP items and shield for effective HP, as well as Conqueror for effective healing!

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