In Don't Look Up (2021) Shovels are $599.99 as people have panic-bought them to assumingly build bunkers.

  1. Build bunkers, dig graves, defend against desperate people, cook breakfast over a fire, work as a paddle for your makeshift bathtub canoe... Shovels are quite versatile in an end-of-days scenario.

  2. If I remember correctly ... in James Michener's book Alaska, people used their shovels to commute to work, by sitting on them and using them as sleds to slide down a snowy hillside.

  3. There was one of these guys in world War z, started a martial art with shovels after the zed died out

  4. I wasn't sure If it was something to do with the military over charging for stuff in their budget. Haven't 100% Been able to rationalise it, still makes me laugh

  5. I saw a message in chat in a livestream in the movie a bit after that scene that said someone would buy a shovel for about $5000

  6. I lay pipe for a living and I ain't never ever hand digging shit if I don't have to. Digging even a shallow hole with a shovel is back breaking work.

  7. I built a bunny enclosure for my sister years ago. Dug a pit 8 feet by 4 feet and about 4 feet deep to bury chicken wire, so rabbit could dig but not escape. That was like over 6 straight hours of digging, felt like I was broken in half after.

  8. I used to build BMX jumps as a kid and digging was a bitch. On top of that, we only dug holes, not caves, if we dug caves we would have died in a collapse.

  9. Amy Mainzer -- an astronomer, professor and the principal investigator on NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (Neowise) -- helped McKay with many of the scientific aspects of Don't Look Up. Despite having a planet-killer-sized asteroid named after her, Mainzer recommended that McKay change the threat to Earth from an asteroid to a comet. She joined McKay on I'm So Obsessed and shared why she thought the characters in Don't Look Up would buy shovels and how that would lead to a shovel shortage.

  10. “You gotta have the hole already dug. Otherwise, you’re talking about 45 mins of digging; and who knows who’ll be coming along in that time. Pretty soon, you may have to dig two or three more holes; you could be there all fucking night.”

  11. It wasn't really ever a case of not believing in the comet itself, it was mass disbelief that anything would come of it. Like a collective denial that "someone will just deal with it" so just get on with your life.

  12. No, not no one. The movie gives us hints that there are still lots of people with varied opinions here. For example Leo had 250k followers and typed in scientific roasts to some dumbasses (first half of the movie). Or during animations there were snapshots of children posing with spacecraft and usual "my son wants to be cosmonaut someday, we support you!".

  13. The anxiety this movie gave me last night watching it. Was too real man. I’m just embarrassed to be human, because it’s pretty on the nose.

  14. I feel you man. It's crazy how much if reflects the pandemic, despite being written before it and as a nod to the devastating effects of climate change. It's frustrating to watch this movie in a world that is still headed straight towards disaster, factory farming going stronger than ever and just countless, countless environmental travesties occurring constantly. I worry there really is no hope that people can ever change until climate change has already destroyed our world.

  15. I couldn't watch, once I got the general theme that they were gonna replay, over and over... it was too realistic, I don't want a movie making me feel so frustrated. I literally fast forwarded through just about the whole movie because of the anxiety, the asteroid was cool i guess...

  16. What blows my mind is apparently the movie was written in 2019, before coronavirus. I know it's supposed to be about climate change, but the predictions relevant to the coronavirus response are downright spooky.

  17. I think the pandemic and everything that came out of it really drilled the message in: the don’t look up crowd, panic buying random items, and more than anything the intense frustration about how stupid and selfish humanity can be in the face of facts and impending doom. I watched it a few days back and it’s still lingering

  18. I'm sure a lot of the covid relations are just updated pages in the script like days before shooting. Happens all the timr

  19. I hope we'll look back at this film and chortle at the exaggeration and how we bombed our own comet on day 1 because we're not idiots.

  20. Spoiler: there really is a comet coming and the world leaders have opted NOT to tell us until it's 24 hours away from impact.

  21. I thought it was a reference to the legend/story of the person who became rich overnight by selling shovels to incoming gold rush miners in San Francisco. Turns out a science advisor for the movie suggested the shovel bit.

  22. Excellent movie. Thought provoking and honestly I could see that happening. My question is the joint India, Russia, China launch I felt that maybe the US had a hand in the explosion so they could still have a chance to mine the metals from the comet. Anyone else feel That way?

  23. Oh, definitely. That was a bit of a subtle nod to US interference when the actions of another country interferes with "American interests".

  24. I thought the shovels were to bury their heads in the sand so they don't look up lol I may have been watching too much South Park before I saw this though

  25. At this point, YouTube would have been flooded with "build your own shovel with aluminum from cans" videos and subsequently also drove up the price of bricks and hair dryers for homemade forges.

  26. This movie was shit. A dumb movie for dumb people that hits you so hard over the head that it makes dumb people feel smart for understanding it.

  27. I thought that people were hoping to be able to get pieces of the meteor after it broke up (per the government's plan) since it was going to have so many valuable resources so shovels were selling out so people could go meteor hunting once the pieces fell.

  28. It's great although it tends to belabor the point and could have used some better editing. Most people that don't like it are the types that this movie parodied.

  29. My personal vote is yes - Netflix keeps managing to take banger casting rosters and a decent plot idea, and execute like a kid who copied his homework and doesn’t show any substance. They imitate what other better movie productions are doing and it feels cheap and often results in meandering plots that aren’t engaging. This had many isolated moments of being funny, but the whole thing together didn’t grab me - I’m pretty easy to please movie wise, and if my attention is wandering to other shit 30 mins into an over 2 hour movie, something is off.

  30. Of course not. People's critiques are up their own ass with this movie because the metaphor is laid on too thick but I think the movie accomplishes what it sets out to do.

  31. I loved it, at least, and some comments here do too. I found it built up nicely to the second half where it really gets going.

  32. Jonah Hill survived without a scratch. So a bunker would at the very least help them survive the initial beyond that, they are fucked.

  33. Not sure why you're down voted because that was my impression. That everyone was hoping to go retrieve any bits that landed that the government didn't get and make money.

  34. It was just like buying toilet paper in the early Covid days. It doesn't even make any sense but people started panic buying it.

  35. Jonah Hill's character does survive at the end (by pure luck mind you) from being inside that building at the end, so I guess it is potentially possible being in a strong enough bunker would have saved you. Chunks of the planet were certainly blown off but large parts mostly remained...toasty but still there.

  36. Wanted this movie to be so much better than it ended up being, something just felt forced and unnatural about the whole thing, like it was a bunch of half-assed marrying of plots from Deep Impact, Armageddon, Idiocracy and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Too many Netflix movies feel like a mediocre director trying to rip off plots and copy/imitate techniques that other established ones use.

  37. I doubt you could build a bunker with a shovel. It's probably more pretentious "bury your head in the sand" metaphors. As if the movie didn't try to have enough of that...

  38. Dude don’t ruin these idiots fun with logic. Of course bunkers are built with shovels. It it only takes an entire day to do half a grave. I don’t get how so many people enjoyed this dog shit movie. It has nothing to do with being a quality movie and everything to do with people starving for Schadenfreude.

  39. Please be based in California, this is a hilarious joke that's in every single goldrush documentary I've sat through.

  40. At first I thought "Nice this salesman will make a payday" but then I remembered It would not matter at all and felt weirdly anxious.

  41. I don't think there was a reason to purchase a shovel. Much like the TP shortage following Covid in the UK. Everyone panic bought TP...go figure

  42. I haven't seen this movie but given the blunt sense of humor I've heard it has I wouldn't be surprised if the joke is supposed to be they're for burying your heads in the ground

  43. I would’ve been kinda annoyed if there was a happy ending, considering the initial deflection attempt was called off. The whole point was to show how their greed led to disaster.

  44. I thought it was because people thought they would survive and need some equipment to mine the asteroid after it hit for its resources.

  45. That's an incredibly stupid detail. Any store would just run out of shovels before the price would get anywhere near that high. There are also pretty strict anti-price-gouging laws in place.

  46. I think the reason critics hated this movie is because it make them feel uncomfortable. But that was a whole point of the film. Another theory I saw was because the movie calls out the very media structures for lack of attention and shows how they make it harder to call to action by distracting us with celebrities and other non issues.

  47. IIRC one of the news briefs foreshadowed the shovel panic buying. This was a detail in the background calling back to that joke.

  48. Unrealistic. The federal gov't should've banned the sell of expensive c̶o̶v̶i̶d̶ ̶t̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶k̶i̶t̶s̶ I mean P̶P̶E̶ I mean shovels and arrested everybody who is hoarding them.

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