Calm, confident and collected

  1. Link for anyone who wants to watch the video without the bullshit cheesy TikTok soundtrack behind it. (Skip to 22s for the start of the questions featured in the TikTok video).

  2. Thank you, wyd is with these songs in background of videos that have talking. Bad enough sports news has the obnoxious background sounds on their shows too.

  3. Wtf was the ad at the end? Edit: to be clear, im on RedditIsFun so my mobile doesn't always show me quite whats going on

  4. Not only is it terribly edited, it misrepresents material pieces of Zuckerberg’s answers. Which is insanely ironic given the substance of the point of the clip.

  5. Thank you. This video should be down voted due to it being incomplete and could be considered misleading without both sides being shown.

  6. Yea Zuck doesnt care what you throw at him. He is rich and now how to act. Probably could destroy her life, but he must have find another way to gain more money and influence by not doing that.

  7. Was gonna comment, "Let me guess, she says some stern and well deserved things, then nothing happens or changes in the slightest?" Then I'd watch the vid and put in, "EDIT: Yup."

  8. I’m sure they’ll try but I don’t think she’ll give a shit. She doesn’t need their money. I hope she becomes President one day.

  9. I'm hoping she doesn't "go missing" one day. She's the scariest thing to ever slip through the cracks of political agendas and standing and that's a good thing. I hope we see our shit-stained political field get cleaned up because of her. She's intense, and we need her more than just about anyone in DC to bring a change in who becomes the next Congress person

  10. This has the energy of an elementary teacher interrogating a stammering seven year old about why he threw a pinecone at his crush for attention. Except Zuckerbergs pinecone undermined the very fabric of democracy. Oops.

  11. That's the problem with allowing billionaires to exist. They throw pinecones like everyone else but because of their wealth it cascades throughout society. No one person should have all that power.

  12. But in this case, the stammering seven year old is a billionaire who can pay the elementary teacher's boss to make her go away. He can pay her enemies to help them win. He can pay to make sure that legislation is introduced encouraging the throwing of pinecones at people. Then he can pay to make her look bad in the eyes of the public.

  13. He also doesnt know what a pinecone is, where they come from, or when he possibly could have come into contact with one.

  14. I know this a subreddit dedicated to AOC "murdering" people, but this specific clip I don't like. It's a perfect example of a politician using a congressional hearing as a political tool. She's not actually trying to get new information from Zuckerberg. She's just lambasting him publicly with no actual intent of letting him speak.

  15. She's the future of democratic politics. Finally someone in this party with a backbone. We've been nothing but cowards with conservatives. Until now.

  16. Women that are known only by three letters have been the backbone for years. I’m glad AOC is young and already this threatening. Maybe change has a chance.

  17. I love her tone throughout the questioning. It's laced with "I'm not the boomer granddads you've been dealing with previously, now stfu and listen."

  18. Lol the future? She's an aberration in the system. Establishment dems will never let this shit continue. Fuck this country. The only rational thing to do at this point is to take your labor elsewhere to a country that actually gives a shit about it's people. Anything else is chasing rainbows.

  19. Conservatives hate Zuckerberg more for not letting them livestream their hobby of murdering minorities, haha.

  20. Zuck : I don’t recall AOC : You don’t recall your largest failures as a human impersonator? Zuck : …. Listen here you little shit

  21. AOC is on my list. You know, the one that Ross laminated on Friends. The intellect, demeanor, and confidence is everything. She fucking rocks.

  22. Good grilling by AOC. I would’ve said something similar to what follows here: “What do you know about your company, Mr. Zuckerberg? Again, not what you want it to do. And in respect to these questions, sir, it doesn’t seem like you know a whole lot about Facebook. And that is how things like what we are discussing today happen.”

  23. More like the video edits out his actual responses and most people can't give specific dates on events that happened years ago?

  24. I’m fine with tiktok putting out some good videos but damn was the music annoying. Fucking hate: already popular YouTube clip + random music = tiktok video

  25. This is edited incredibly disingenuously and maliciously so, specifically the targeting of black zip codes with incorrect election dates, Zuckerberg answers clearly in the negative "No congresswoman you couldn't ..."

  26. Yeah I remember watching the whole thing and some of the facial expressions from Zuckerberg were a result of a question that didn't make any sense lol.

  27. Whoever put the fucking music under (or over, since it’s that fucking loud) the clip should be shot.

  28. This is just masturbation. I dislike Facebook and like AOC as much as the average Redditor but I don’t understand why people enjoy this? This isn’t a win or Zuck being owned, this is just entertainment for people who already don’t like Facebook. There is not outcome from this, it’s just like less dramatic reality tv entertainment. It doesn’t achieve anything.

  29. The conservative bias on social media is a funny one, because they are saying that their posts and news are targeted for removal. Turns out, far more conservative right wing posts are removed and flagged, but it's simply because they contain more misinformation. They aren't wrong in saying that their posts are targeted, they just don't accept the reason behind it. Though, giving these platforms the job of moderating what is misinformation is terrifying, because one day the tides will turn and your voice will be censored because some person at a privately owned media platform woke up one day and decided to not agree with you.

  30. Social media has never had a conservative censorship issue. Conservatives have a racism problem. These sites have a pretty clear rule against racism and other forms of bigotry. And it just so happens that the OVERWHELMING majority of people that get banned for violating said rules also happen to be white/christian/conservative.

  31. Yeah there isn’t a censorship issue. The right just have a behavior issue. They cause the most trouble on social media sites.

  32. As someone who works in social media advertising I can tell you she is very misinformed. Posting political ads takes a lot of work to get approved now. Posting incorrect vote dates would be flagged for sure

  33. I hope that's true, but keep in mind, you said it takes a lot of work to get approval now. This testimony was two years ago when it wasn't, and the damage done by Cambridge Analytica was just being fully understood. Fact checking on websites didn't exist like it does today. Seems like the one who's misinformed might be you.

  34. Misinformed? This was two years ago. Well before the fact checking stuff came about in its current form.

  35. How can this video be construed as AOC "murdering" him? She pointed out specifically how he is harming people and highlighted the absurdity of his responses. His responses are absurd because he can hardly be fucked to try and hide what's going on. Yet, with all of this happening over and over again, who is ultimately getting what they want? How can people on the left not see this? The stupidity blows my mind. It's why I left the Democratic party behind: they're busy congratulating themselves on the words they said, or rather all the calm, confident, and collected "slamming" they're doing, while the right is realigning power structures in their favor. The left and the right in the US are just not even playing the same game.

  36. Can a private company do what it wants, yes or no? It is no ones duty but your own to fact check to information you consume.

  37. Really? It isn’t an own if she just asks dates no reasonable person could remember. Then she just asks a bunch of opinion based biased questions that also have no real answer. She just kind of seems like an idiot and makes this whole trial look bad on the government. She is just the same as every other politician.

  38. This event was not a surprise. The questions were not a surprise. Zuc had lots of time to prepare and considering that he's paid as much as a God he should have a reasonable amount of knowledge about something as critical as this.

  39. He was called there to speak about that exact subject lmfao. “She seems like an idiot” -internet idiot.

  40. She’s so annoying. Her way of living does not go with her way of speaking. I get annoyed by every time I see her face on the

  41. Dude she is fucking creepy. Yeah let’s have Facebook fact check all the information posted. And let’s do it save those poor blacks who just don’t know any better, we have to save them!

  42. How is this murdered by AOC? All he’s saying is idk which is what they say to take away responsibility from the issue. That donkey brains looks confident in her own stupidity 😂

  43. ughh right...because "fact checkers" abused and used to outright silence content creators on those sites ....yet she wants more

  44. This is hilarious. You have a congresswoman who thinks she's matters in the slightest and is confusing Zuckerberg playing her like a fool with her winning just because she asked questions. She's so clearly playing a game shes not at all prepared to play but because she pretends to be doing something all the left winger young naive population eat it up.

  45. In what way do you feel she was unprepared? What are you political qualifications to make that determination?

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