That's just crazy talk

  1. Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are lies adults tell children to get them to behave. Religion is a lie that adults tell other adults to get them to behave.

  2. This is exactly what happened to a friend of mine. He found out Santa wasn't real, so he realized logically obviously God wasn't real either... at 18.

  3. Christians tend to ask "OK well what would convince you god exists?" And that question doesn't even need an answer besides "God knows". An omniscient omnipotent deity knows exactly what would convince me, so the fact I have not been presented with that information means either they don't exist or they have chosen not to reveal themselves in a way that would cause me to believe.

  4. When I discovered that my grandmother may or may not have been jewish or celebrated the faith when I was a little kid going through a bunch of boxes at my grandparents house I wasn't supposed to go through lol. Found a bunch of stuff in Hebrew and other languages and I can barely remember nowadays everything in there. Seems like a weird place to stick a lot of Jewish culture stuff inside a box under a box in a back room covered in dust lol. They were officially Methodists or protestant or catholic something or other but it didn't seem to help anything and it wasn't a big thing for everyone to dress up on Sunday and mingle, plus I was bullied at church and stopped going before I was 8.

  5. I can kind of understand people lying to their kids about Santa Claus, but trying to use that to manipulate children is really sinister.

  6. I actually believed in Santa Claus longer than I believed in god. My family wasn't super religious but we went to church, but it never made sense to me even as a child.

  7. The kindest, most Christ-loving people I've ever met were sentenced to burn in hell bc they don't perfectly agree with someone else's interpretation of a book. At least, according to my priest.

  8. I'm a bastard child so I'm screwed by default, but the bible specifies that a bastard screws 10 whole generations. So I've got a century of offspring going to hell over here

  9. As an atheist I’m never completely convinced. I remain open to new evidence. Begging the question

  10. I am convinced there isn't one, but I'm open to changing my mind. I just need to be provided with convincing evidence, that has been arrived at through rigorous scientific experimentation.

  11. There can never be evidence. It like me saying purple elephants exist and you need to prove it. Whenever you have a point I'll just make up something new like these special elephants can disguise themself as normal elephants so you can never actually see them but they do exist.

  12. Ricky Gervais genuinely said it best for me. If you took every single scientific book or paper or study and destroyed it and then did the same for every religious book etc. in 1000 years all the science would be back because all the tests would come out the same but no religious work would ever be the same.

  13. To prove that god doesn't exist you have to search every single inch of the universe, examine every single planet, every single particle, every single wavelength.

  14. Christians tend to ask "OK well what would convince you god exists?" And that question doesn't even need an answer besides "God knows". An omniscient omnipotent deity knows exactly what would convince me, so the fact I have not been presented with that information means either they don't exist or they have chosen not to reveal themselves in a way that would cause me to believe.

  15. Do you believe Thor exists? Or any other god from other religions no longer practiced? For the same reasons you don't believe in those, I don't believe in yours. Simple.

  16. But but but... There is a guy somewhere in the year 837 who survived a cold, if this is not a proof god exists I don't know what you need

  17. Eh I've tried this before and all I get back is "well that's what faith is for, believing in something you don't have proof for because it's in your heart!"... If you think about it that's their motto for a lot of things

  18. nOw ThAt I'm A pArEnT(never thought I'd be the type of person to start a sentence that way) I really hate that my son is going to grow up with the default being "there is a god" and if he decides to become an athiest he has to reason himself into that position. I know literally everyone else who's ever lived has been in the same position but I'd much rather the default be "there's no evidence for a "god " but it makes some people feel better to believe in one so that's why we have religion, go check it out if you're interested".

  19. That's why they fall on faith. Faith is strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. WHO THE FUCK is dumb enough to accept that as a reason to believe?

  20. I went to the guy asked me if I believed in god. I said, no, there's not any evidence for god, there's just no reason why I would believe in god. He then spun out this argument that the amount of evidence for the existence god is equal to the amount of evidence that God does not exist, so therefore it's 50/50. So, to not believe require some definite positive reason, and I'm being irrational for saying that there's no reason to believe in God and that's why I don't believe in god. I thought what he was saying was so stupid I just ended the conversation then and there. There's a point where you just can't talk to people.

  21. You'd think if gods existed and actually wanted followers they'd like... do something to get them. If we had a bunch of gods showing up fighting for control of humanity I'd say ok but the wishy washy non evidence of any god means it's just all nonsense

  22. These people dont know what science or logic is. They believe in a fairly tale because theyve been indoctrinated and thats proof to them.

  23. It's not even possible for us to disprove god, no matter how much we try it's impossible. The best we can do is to have science progress so much that belief in god makes less and less sense. In my book we're there, but I'm sure physicists will keep making more discoveries that contradict the god hypothesis.

  24. You're absolutely correct. The sad (and sometimes frustrating) thing about starting a debate with this point is, the conversation will just go in circles, they'll do some amazing mental gymnastics and will never reach, even after years, something like "well, that's a good point, I need to rethink this whole thing I guess". Never. Ever.

  25. One of the reasons i stopped believing is the annoyance and anger at the idea of a loving benevolent God that allowed so much evil in the world. Not simply to people that "may deserve it for their sin" but kids who were raped or murdered. It's all gods plan never settled for me and i stopped caring about even trying to believe. Nothing in existence ever inspired belief in a god for me, friends and family wanted me to believe.

  26. If something good happens they say it's because of God and their prayers but if something bad happens it's Gos's will lol

  27. I told my atheist wife one day that it came to me that if no one ever told you about god, the concept would never occur to you. You’d figure out how to boil water or ride a bike eventually but the concept of a higher power has no real advantage in your daily life. She just smiled like I showed her a crayon drawing and said “…yeah?”

  28. Thant's how Christianity ended for me. Been there from age two to nineteen, and then just poof, gone. If the dude exists, he either can't do shіt or just isn't a good dude

  29. He’s dead or got bored with his model train set eons ago. Probably when we were killing babies to appease the sun.

  30. “So, if there is a God, I think most reasonable people might agree that he’s at least incompetent, and maybe, just maybe, doesn’t give a shit. Doesn’t give a shit, which I admire in a person, and which would explain a lot of these bad results.”

  31. My parents aren’t religious so the whole thing always seemed weird to me. Nothing convinced me into being an atheist. Nothing convinced me to believe in god.

  32. I was really young, 4-5? I was in Sunday school and I asked one of the church ladies "who gave god his magic?" She said he gave it to himself. Even at that young age I knew that was bullshit and I never bought into it.

  33. I was so paranoid as a 5 year old because of this whole ordeal. I just recently became aware of my own existence and they were already telling me about the eternal! It made no sense but they told me I'd go to hell for eternity for saying that, whatever the fuck "hell" or "eternity" was. I didn't wanna believe it, it made no sense, but the adults made it sound so scary.

  34. I made the mistake of telling my grandmother that I was tired of going to church when I was 7. She was so mad she literally screamed at me that she never wanted to hear me say that again. It took another 7 years before I finally discussed religion with anyone ever again. It was also around the time that I realized I was an agnostic atheist. A decade later and my opinion on religion has not changed but my grandmother seems to get more and more zealous every year. It's exhausting having to listen to her for even 5 minutes. She finds a way to bring up God in EVERY conversation. You could have a conversation about the most mundane thing like household chores and she'll find a way to bring God into it.

  35. One of the main things leading to my atheism as an adult was, as a kid, hearing about how the animals in one of the bible stories had to be killed because they were tainted since they belonged to one of the conquered tribes. And it's like ???????? Even back then, kid me knew that wasn't right, just, or fair in any way, ESPECIALLY to the animals themselves.

  36. I don't remember the specific exchange, but remember being very little and knowing on Sunday that we were all just pretending, but I wanted the refreshments they always had, cookies and whatnot so I was pretty excited for church for a while. It was another couple years maybe before I realized the other people really believed all of it

  37. I saw this the other day and kinda liked it: Christians don't believe in 999 of the gods that have been written about; I just don't believe in 1000 of them.

  38. It makes the most sense in a vacuum, until you read books other than the bible and learn the actual history of it's creation and it's history of being a tool of oppression.

  39. Right? It’s impossible to prove the non-existence of something because there cannot be empirical evidence of something that does not exist.

  40. It’s safe to assume that the small green man does not exist. There’s is simply no proof what so ever of such a thing existing. Same with God.

  41. It's like the Gervais quote: "As a Christian, you are atheist against every other god except the Christian god. Atheists are exactly the same, but disbelieve in just one extra god."

  42. Yeah being an atheist isnt being against god or heaven or anything else. I consider myself atheist but if there is something there great and maybe i miss out on riding unicorns in the clouds or whatever but im not against people because they do believe….i just dont (im open minded to it though) and i dont want christianity or any other religion pushed on me. I think of all the wasted hours people spend in church giving away their life savings to preachers (some good some bad) that are more than happy to take it. Why not do gods work instead of church if thats what you truly believe. Go help someone less fortunate or whatever it is you can do to make the world a better place versus sitting on your butt in a church pew so you can get your weekly affirmation on how good you are because you go sit for an hour every week.

  43. Honestly, I never understood this culture (admittedly, I've heard most of it in America and I don't see it much in Asia but still) of giving away MASS sums of money to churches. Like, I'm Catholic, and 1. If I was to donate some money to the church, it wouldn't be cause I'd get publicly shamed for not doing it, or something like that. Even if I was, it'd be for a good reason, like a blood/food drive, or to maintain the actual church, but if it's just going into the church's pocket for someone else's personal gain, I'd just switch churches immediately. Helping out of church aw is probably more fruitful to others.

  44. Low key this is what made me lose my faith, not for the Greek or Egyptian gods per se but other religions in general. Who was I to say “I’m right, you’re wrong!” when no religion could actually prove that their god or gods even exist. To take a hard stance with a single one at all seemed like a backwards decision

  45. Yeah. I love breaking out the "You already don't believe in hundreds of gods. I just don't believe in 1 more than you".

  46. This always bugged me. For Christians to say "there is only one God." But in the 10 commandments doesn't it say "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." Indicating that there are other gods but he wants to be top dog. It even goes on to say "... I am a jealous god..." Again the implication that there are multiple gods. Further more aren't anger and jealousy 2 of the "deadly sins"? In which case that would make the Christian god a sinner by his own rules. These are some of the hypocrisies that's began to disenfranchise me from the idea of God. I personally am more agnostic. I like to think that if their are gods they would be more like those of Greece, Egypt or even India.

  47. Probably because we as a species have seen the top of mt Olympus and have surveyed the Nile river but that’s just my guess

  48. I read the old testament, the new testament and even the Quran and that made me realise that looking for guidance in those books would be like trying to find sobriety by getting constantly drunk.

  49. Haha even if you did get drunk you would at least know how to distinguish between sober and intoxicated. Let me try one, a priest walks into a bar, asks for the restroom and the bartender says, sir you have to buy something first. Upon handing the man two dollars the bartender announces, sorry but the register’s broken.

  50. This was what did it for me. I never really bought into religion too much but it seemed like the thing to do as a kid, so I tried my best to believe. My parents have never gone to church and it was left up to us kids to figure it out for ourselves which I am grateful for. My friends did the church thing, so I did it too, and the summer before HS at the church camp I went to every summer since 4th grade these MFers told me dinosaurs aren't real and I never went back to camp or church ever again. 🤣 BS, I SEENT THOSE BONES, MAN

  51. A friend and I got on this subject with a religious guy we went to college with. He said that paleontologists just create and bury dinosaur bones and fossils then pretend to find them so they can get more grant money... Lol

  52. Ancient humans living in those huts are a lot smarter than we give them credit. If they weren't, we wouldn't have most tech we have today.

  53. What convinced me that god doesn’t exist? When I kept interacting with christians and they turn out to be some of the ugliest people I have ever met. If there was a god, Im pretty sure they would have murdered half their flock by now. At least according to their god from the bible.

  54. that’s a fundamental concept that i think a lot of religious people struggle with. That they think ‘atheism’ means ‘i was convinced that a god doesn’t exist’. When really it’s: ‘i am not convinced a god exists’.

  55. Come on. I had a drug induced hallucination and spoke to God for 30 minutes. That's evidence right? And I had this really vivid dream once and it had to be a message from God. How can you doubt

  56. Yeah, man i don't understand why people celebrate Christmas. What a stupid belief that is. "A fictional character was born, let me brainwash my kids about Santa Claus and put a stupid tree in the house."

  57. Reading the reactions to this post, people seem to have a really limited view on what God and religion really is. Thinking about God solely like it’s a person up in the sky and religion like a coping mechanism for dumb people is not contributing to the debate. Although some people have very simplistic ways of relating to these terms(and that should be fine as well), others experience them as terms intrinsic to life and nature itself. The forces of nature keeping all life together, they are God and we are God with them. Knowing that God is there and feeling how small our conflicts are against it all is comforting for a lot of people. I would like to think that these sorts of views aren’t really that far off from how atheists/agnostics view the world and I hope it leads us all to a better understanding of each other.

  58. I love Patti Smith's Gloria, which says something similar, "Jesus died for someone's sins but not mine (...) my sins are my own they belong to me".

  59. As an agnostic Texan I must say I’ve been asked this question more times than I could ever count. Including my own fam. It’s always fun to play the uno card and watch them stumble across an explanation as to why god is real as I poke holes in their reasoning like it’s a lite brite. It’s my favorite past time.

  60. Remember folks, an omnipresent God would be deep up your butt. You’d probably know if an all powerful god were deep up your butt, but that’s just an assumption on my part.

  61. Show me any shred of evidence that isn’t anecdotal. “I can feel it in my soul” is not valid evidence. Nor is quoting the Bible

  62. You mean to say that some illiterate nomadic sheepherders’ oral fables and myths got written down generations after the fact, and now you’re here in the 21st century finding yourself skeptical?

  63. For me, it was the idea that other religions exist. If there are 10k gods, how do I know which one is right? They all believe theirs is real and that the others are just crazy. If they are real, is it better to pick one and be punished for being wrong, or is it better to lead a positive life and prove my character after death?

  64. Seriously though, I’ll never understand why non-religious people are the one who have the burden of proof on them from society. Religious people have insane beliefs, and they do dumb and often horrible things as a result.

  65. Religion is control. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. I was raised catholic, but at around 12 certain things didn't make sense and in a household where there was quite a bit of violence, I began questioning the existence of god (how could a benevolent being allow what was happening in my household?). By 16 I knew it was all garbage and the control my folks used to control me, disappeared over night.

  66. (As a christian I'm just innocently putting out there that God is waiting for our choice to believe.

  67. God seems perfectly fine with giving Paul a Damascus Road experience, and interacting with all sorts of mortals in the Old and New Testament. It's really funny that as our ability as a species to save information became better, God intervened less and less in mortal affairs.

  68. The thing is, if the Christian god showed up then I would absolutely not worship him. His alleged behavior and morals are disturbing. If he is real, he is absolutely evil.

  69. Yes, the choice would be stupid if God was obvious, but why is there a need for a "choice" in the first place, in your opinion? What made your God create humans, give them brains and logic that tells them he doesn't exist, make them choose, and then torture them for eternity if they make the wrong choice? Why couldn't it be any other way?!

  70. He's just sitting there, patiently waiting for us to believe, and looking forward to the chance to torture us for literally ever if we decide not to

  71. Atheists vs antitheists. Or what I like call "evangelical atheists". For some people, the idea of believing in any kind of god is so painful of a concept that they must evangelize atheism to save the nonexistent souls of those who refuse the believe that there is certainly no God. It gets a little tiresome sometimes.

  72. The fact that their worshippers are some of the most vile people on this planet. If God exists and is both omniscient and omnipotent then that means they intended for their churches to be controlled by these corrupt, money hungry individuals and they do in fact represent the cruel and hateful being that created the world to watch their creations suffer for their own entertainment.

  73. I really admire people of faith (assuming they are not using religion to be shitty to other people) and on some level wish I could get to where they are. My mother is deeply committed Christian (church of England) and is convinced without question there is a god, heaven, the whole 9 yards and it gives her great comfort that she is going to an afterlife. I on the other hand having seen no evidence of a god or anything like that have moments of existential crisis from time to time about my own mortality (like I’m sure 99% of us do). But unless I can see some proof I’m just not buying it

  74. Having no belief in a god gives ME great comfort. To know that there is no real "moral" and my actions are not "sins" to some cosmic entity is true peace.

  75. An astrophysicist could tell you that we know/see only 4% of the matter in the universe, yet we know it's only 4% due to its behavior. 96% of mass is somehow invisible, silent, intangible, immeasurable, undetectable.

  76. With generations upon generations of edits, only to be translated by morons into a vague meaning of what you should and shouldn’t do, rather than just using common sense and basic instinct.

  77. Once again, another person that doesn't really know what atheist means. Not all are convinced that a god DOESN'T exist they just don't believe in any of them.

  78. My mother-in-law asked me why I don't attend church anymore, and she was frustrated that her daughter (my wife) doesn't either because of that.

  79. Or not do a damn thing to save the billions of animals that died in the Australian wildfires, or the millions who died of COVID, or allow the earth to cook to a cinder, or....when was the last time God showed any love or interest in this world? They don't exist or don't give a shit about us or this planet.

  80. but if science is right and we're all just a bunch of atoms and forces and systems interacting with each other... do we have free will?

  81. Please, I wanna see someone who at LEAST takes the possibility of God at least an option. I know judging with logic and rationality is a good way learn, but what about all the damn years of evolution and history and mythology created by humans over thousands of years. The way our brains are structured. For me its just as illusory calling God not provable by science therefore its fake, thats low thinking and if you look deep enough you will def find evidence for Gods existence.

  82. Easy.. when there is so much horror in the world and No Devine justice. “The powerful do what they will and the weak suffer what they must.” And finally the message of; if you suffer you will get yours in heaven after you work your ass off your entire life, while the rich get theirs now taking and raping the earth and their fellow humans. Nothing steps in to stop this , so yeah religions are bullshit made up to quell people from thinking or fighting for what’s fair.

  83. In third grade I learned about the concept of "neder" in Jewish bible studies, which is basically a deal you make with god. so obviously I tried making that type of deal and it didn't work, so I basically gave up on the whole thing. I'm 99% sure my ask was to be able to fly.

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