What’s she making Minoru watch (wrong answers only)

  1. A video that was secretly filmed but Mina when she and the rest of the girls asked some of the guys what they want to do to a pervert like mineta. He is watching Izuku answer the question in a very psychotic way.

  2. It started with just some random unfunny YouTube video, but now they've let the algorithm take the wheel, the autoplays running and no one's checking in.

  3. Comparing Mineta's height to children of the age of six. [Like Eri, who is two centimeters taller than Mineta.

  4. PSA videos on consent …. On loop to drive him crazy. And attempt to hammer into his head that he should treat women with respect and not be a pervert

  5. The live action avatar the last airbender and after that a video of how to hide bodies made by midoria that ends with watch out mineral then just avatar the last airbender movie lave action on loop

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