Race Thread: NCS Ruoff Mortgage 500 at Phoenix Raceway, starting at 3:30pm EDT on FOX (NCS4)

  1. This is the first time I have watched a Nascar race since 2014, what happened to Hendrick Motorsports, 0 top 10s at Phoenix. They used to dominate Phoenix

  2. no post-race coverage is a bummer. there is so much to unpack and storylines that could keep somebody coming back for the next race. instead they dont plan to do any.

  3. lol danica staring at clint in the eyes as he says "you have them coming on you from both sides. on the inside, on the outside!"

  4. Todd P.19. Good solid run. Probably could have stole a top 15 if things fell his way more. But good run regardless, top rookie in the race.

  5. I'm also a denny fan, but, honestly, i still like chase, he was definitely being boneheaded last year, but he was also going for his first win in his rookie year, i still think it's 100% his fault, but, i could see why he would've been that trigger happy, plus he's here on reddit which is pretty cool

  6. Great to see Briscoe get that win, you could feel its been coming since last year. All of the top three did great and I'd love to see all three go on and rack up tons of wins.

  7. Can't imagine what it must feel like to get your first career win in the car of and owned by your childhood hero. That's awesome.

  8. So glad the 14 won. First win from that car since 2018. Great effort from Briscoe. And hey, Reddick and Chastain also did great. Their first win might happen soon.

  9. The track is ok but is boring. Like that race was saved by briscoe winning. If larson or bowman would have won everyone would say it was a boring race.

  10. bar race pool: $10 per spot. Got Briscoe and Hamlin. $200 richer for a Briscoe win. Thanks, Chase ;)

  11. hell yea! i won like $40 in a small group pool but wish i had put $5 on him on Bovada. would have been a nice $140

  12. Fuck I wish. Now with haas getting rid of mazaspin and his father money I'm afraid they will have another dismal season.

  13. FUCKKKKK YES BRISCOE! Now we need Chastain and Reddick to get their first wins too. Love that this car lets talented drivers show what they have

  14. Now that Briscoe is a Cup winner... Let's see what we can do about that hair. Woo man... It's living its own life up there.

  15. I wish fox would choose better camera angles of the finish. Why not show the infield camera shot so we can see the leader cross the finish line, along with the photo finish of 2nd and 3rd? They have don’t this multiple times now this season.

  16. it is genetic, so it's not like he can control it. if he has an issue with it, he can shave it or seek medicine/implants. it's just hair (or lack of hair)

  17. Got back into NASCAR in 2020 during a major illness. Briscoe became my guy while watching Xfinity races. So happy to see him win!

  18. What happened to Byron. Man he has been a disappointment. Gragson to the 24? Need an aggressive driver in that car

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