With NASCAR having a car in Le Mans, how do you feel about them trying a full on endurance race? Would you rather see it be Oval or Road, and how long?

  1. And I would watch the shit out of that. Part of why I love NASCAR road races is the fact that it's big, heavy stock cars that don't look like or seem to drive like pure sports cars, and having to watch the cars be manhandled around those courses.

  2. Agreed, I think the important thing is for NASCAR to stick to its roots while experimenting outside of the Cup series. If they ever decided to add another series I am all for it but leave the Cup series how it is.

  3. i agree with this, there were some major road course problems last year. Imagine stage breaks in an endurance race 😂

  4. A twelve hour race would most likely need to be held at a track with lights, which rules out the usual road courses other than the Roval.

  5. That sounds fun until you remember that 90% of the race will be under caution because of the truck and xfinity backmarkers vomiting all over themselves

  6. I’d honestly love a gimmick race at a short track, like 24 hours of Martinsville or something like that where the goal is to survive.

  7. Wouldn’t really be competition, could be off-season to build hype for when they bring hybrids into the sport. I think it would be something cool to do once

  8. If you want a 12 hour endurance race, just watch the 600 this year. Between competition cautions, stage cautions and true cautions from the new car, it's going to be a long one.

  9. If they played their cards right in the summer we could start just after sunrise and not need lights. I’d be there for this.

  10. I don't think it would be possible, but how about a Homestead 1000, the track has produced some sick racing and 1000 miles would be very interesting to see it.

  11. I've always wanted them to just combine the 2 Pocono races into a 800 mile race instead of making it a double header. Force each team to bring in a Co driver

  12. I’ve always considered every nascar race an endurance race, especially if they go over 4 hours, cup drivers normally sit in the car longer than most sports car driver stints in 24 hour races.

  13. Honestly as a one-off event or an All Star Race, I wouldn't mind an 8-12 hour endurance race with the playoff drivers from Cup/xFinity/Truck, but the logistics of that would probably require them moving the race to the offseason. You had a hard enough time getting drivers to commit to a mid-week Sim series from home. I can't imagine this would ever happen.

  14. How many stages would there be in a 12 hour race, when would the competition caution be, and who would be the halftime performer?

  15. For an All Star Race we should have all 3 series at one road course at once for an endurance race. Limit teams 2 cars per series and have the other teammates swap out.

  16. Only if it can be both an oval and road course race at Daytona, 48 hours, multi-class, and each car has to alternate every lap between the road course and oval.

  17. I can imagine a 6 hour race with 2 drivers in each team, swapping at a competetition caution/stagebreak after 3 hours with no time pressure, so that safety can be assured. I'd be cool to see the two lower series also in that race, though driver skill might be an issue as some others have already claimed.

  18. I'm all for nascar trying new and different things but I'm here to watch cars go 'round in circles for a couple hours on Sunday afternoon. Even the occasional road course peppering the season is fine with me. I have less than zero interest in a nascar endurance race, be it oval or road course.

  19. I'm probably in the minority but I would be all for an endurance race once a year. But it would have to be on a road course. With how well these cars supposedly run on road courses and how fast they can be repaired. I'd be all for it.

  20. All this talk the past few years about shortening races and then doing a 180 and running a 12 hour race would be the funniest thing ever.

  21. NASCAR races are already endurance-like, 4-5 hours is longer than the driver stints in lemans or daytona which usually last from 1.5 to 2 hours

  22. Idk how well it would go over, especially with viewership. I know hardcore fans like many of us here would be watching it, but new fans are struggling to sit for 3-4 hours for the current races we have. There’s no way they’d last 12 hours

  23. I think it makes more sense for NASCAR to be a class in an existing endurance series (likely IMSA) that teams can optionally enter with modified cup cars (need real lights for instance) than something in NASCAR itself

  24. I doubt it ever happens, but I think if it did a 4 to 6 hour race would be better. They already have trouble getting people to tune into 2 or 3 hour races, I don't think many people would want to watch a 12 hour race.

  25. The 600 is bad enough already, now imagine how awful it would be to sit through the 900 or the 1200. Damn race would have more stages than Broadway.

  26. I’d be ok with it if it was a road course and maybe 5 or 6 hours. Something a little different but not completely foreign to the sport. Don’t want to interfere with IMSA. Maybe if they do Daytona Road Course between the clash and the 500? I’d make it like the top qualifying 20 cup, 15 Xfinity, 10 Trucks

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