Race Thread: NCS Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, starting at 3:00pm EDT on FOX (NCS5)

  1. We had 4 clown shows a year with daytona and Talledega. Then we brought in Bristol dirt. Now we will have 2 more with Atlanta. Indy Road course turned into a clown show with a track mishap. Any road course will be a clown show with rain (COTA last year).

  2. To be honest this is the first year in MANY years that I’ve been excited for NASCAR every single week and it’s the same with everyone I talk to. I’m glad they’re switching things up and making it interesting again. Do I think they should keep adding super speedways? Absolutely not. But the new Atlanta is really cool and that is the kind of exciting racing that will fill the stands and keep the sport around.

  3. Great race. Marcus is a genius. Keep pissing them off Marcus. If they can’t handle it, they can stay home. Hundreds just like them that would love to have the shot.

  4. The only thing more offensive than trying to build Daytona conditions on a 1.5 was the fact they took so many breaks on green flags right after taking none for 15 minutes of yellows

  5. A hard hit after running second for so many laps at the end of a race, he catches his breath by simply bending over Random guy on Reddit sitting on his ass at home:”Wallace is unbelievably dramatic”

  6. I thought that was a great race! Good racing and a lot of excitement. So glad Nascar didn't throw the caution too early at the end.

  7. They also need to work together and organize better. Years past you would see drivers make moves on the leaders together and you never see that anymore. They just scramble and completely ruin their momentum.

  8. The part that puzzles me is why they don't get some coordination ahead of time in all these manufacters meetings. Like, on 5 all Fords drop to the bottom. Okay, sure it can't be that simple, but surely the odds of getting one of your cars in victory lane is higher if you don't go with the "let's all go nuts on the last lap" strategy.

  9. That was like a gen6 plate race. They were single file for the majority of the last few laps and then they all went for it and wrecked on the last lap.

  10. I don’t get why people disliked it so much, wrecks are part of racing what are they supposed to do anytime someone crashes just stop the race? It was a race it’s over get over it.

  11. Everybody who was just chilling in the outside lane instead of following Chase or Bell etc on the bottom at various times was stupid

  12. Four hours to end up with that nonsense for a finish? Why don’t we just save everyone the torn up race cars and have a Yahtzee tournament on pit road?

  13. They just drove around single file the last 10 laps and gave away the win to Byron. No one even contested him wtf

  14. If you enjoyed that, I’m happy for you. However I really hope that this doesn’t happen to every 1.5 mile track. It was close to impossible to pass on the bottom unless you had a run from the top lane off of the other corner and the racing resulted to 90% luck and 10% skill.

  15. Hopefully it's the only 1.5 mile like this on the schedule. I think it raced better than Daytona in my opinion though

  16. Chastain had to make a move, he waited too late though, everyone (other than Byron, obviously) did. Bell and Chase both tried, no one had the balls to go with them.

  17. Credit to Chase for trying. Wonder when the rest of the idiots will learn you will not win waiting to make your move with 2 laps or less. For a sport that is starting to rely on analytics, they sure do ignore the biggest one - you will not win from 5th on back waiting to make a move.

  18. Gimmicky sport. 6 demo derbys a year because fans jerk off over crashing to the finish. Im gonna be sticking to F1 and Indycar mostly this year

  19. Well I mean, do we need 6 superspeedway races a year? Mmmm I don't think so, did I enjoy the race? Uh, I'm sorry but yeah lol

  20. With the way it ran the past few years, that's like saying you prefer to be shot in the foot rather than the knee. Still sucks.

  21. If you can’t understand why full throttle racing is disliked then you won’t understand why people dislike this race.

  22. ughhhhh, literally the one person in the lead pack i didn't wanna see win. as much as the whole team order shit can be annoying, im okay with it if it means that drivers can actually work together on the final laps and not hang each other out to dry

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