Race Thread: NCS Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway, starting at 5:00pm EDT on NBC (NCS17)

  1. If they rig anything for Chase, I hope they change this to a night race next year…it was way too hot, especially since you can’t bring in coolers. It was my 13 year old daughter’s first race and she really enjoyed it.

  2. That Kes wreck was a suspicious no call, but in no way did that no call result in anything close to the race being rigged for Chase Elliott.

  3. I don't think they rigged it for Chase, I think they wanted to be done. It's after midnight on the east coast and people got the ol' 9-5 tomorrow.

  4. I'm so excited for a real post race! Oh wait it's on peacock just like the prerace meaning good fucking luck getting people to watch it

  5. It’s literally 4.99 a month. I’ll gladly pay that to get to see some action in victory lane and some drivers interviews.

  6. Law and Order SUV: where all the detectives are forced to drive the pimped out Escalade I made in Need For Speed Underground as a middle schooler

  7. So I watch the race on YT TV and they had it listed as an episode of Law and Order called "Privilege" and if that doesn't sum up the lack of caution call idk what does

  8. Bubba drove his ass off. I thought Kansas was gonna be his best race. I think he passed the field 3 times today

  9. His crew is complete dogshit. Pit - wheel isn't tight enough, come back in. Still under caution, comes back around for pit#2...they screw around and goes a lap down.

  10. My friend, Ricky Stenhouse was out of the groove in texas and that got called a caution. Sure it may have been the worst caution I've ever seen, but when a car is going well below minimum speed bellowing smoke from both wheel wells that is always a yellow flag

  11. Look, I love the “NASCAR is rigged for Chase” conspiracy theories as much as the next tin foil hat wearing man, but honestly, we didn’t need it. Kez was down on the apron and of no risk to the rest of the field.

  12. They also didn’t throw the yellow for Blaney until his horizontal car was sliding down the banking. If Blaney had corrected it after he hit the wall, I think they would’ve stayed green.

  13. Not only did Kyle Busch pit and lose track position, but he only took 2 tires so he was not only behind a shit ton of cars, but he was also at a disadvantage to every other driver that pit. And it’s not like he would’ve lost any track position to the other pitters at all by taking 4

  14. If I had a nickel for everytime Chase won at a concrete track that was delayed I'd have 10 cents. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird it happened twice.

  15. Did they add the lights under the cars in that NASCAR end of broadcast promo? I don’t remember seeing them at all during Fox’s run.

  16. When NASCAR throws the caution for something like that at the end y’all bitch, now they don’t throw it and y’all are still bitching? I don’t get it.

  17. Its the truth, if that wasn't chase people would complain about them throwing the caution, it's a lose lose

  18. I feel like it’s more: they look to the sky “atta boy redneck Jesus” crack open a cold one take a few sips then fall back asleep to the sounds of Jeff Foxworthy

  19. Cannot believe how many teams pitted there and threw away good finishes despite seeing all night now huge track position was with minimal tire wear to boot. Just for example, the 23 stayed out and went from 23rd to finishing 12th after restarting 10th. Meanwhile the 18/11/19 went from 2/3/4 to finishing 6th/21st/23rd.

  20. With wins in the bank the 11 and the 18 made sense, only chance they had to win. 19 should've stayed out.

  21. Best driver is a stretch. There wasn’t really a best driver I don’t think. The Gibbs guys and Chase kinda just traded around.

  22. I'm conflicted. Brad drove right by pit road when he very clearly should have gotten off track, but regardless that was a clear safety issue to have him puttering around disabled like that and exact reason you have a yellow flag.

  23. yeah the intentionally being an obstacle on track is getting egregious. I'm of the opinion that a caution should be called, but a veteran like Keselowski should know better than that.

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  25. Blown engines frequently put down oil on the track. I have no issue with that caution. A car parked on the backstretch with the entire pack of cars going 150+ by him was a straight up safety issue.

  26. Because a car expiring an engine and potentially dropping fluids on the track isnt a bullshit reason to call a caution?

  27. I switched to Hulu because while they only showed some commercials, they showed a blank screen during the side-by-side with no racing visible.

  28. There was no way kurt could keep up. I don’t understand the call. Why would denny take anything with less than ten to go in 2nd?!

  29. The most likely answer is NASCAR threw the no call for the same TV time reason we often see with these races that go long. I don’t get the Chase tinfoil hat agenda when they literally threw a dumb caution that screwed him right before this

  30. I don't care what there reason was, it was inconsistent bullshit as always. Car stopped on the apron is okay and totally safe because oh boy its getting late and we are sleepy?

  31. Not every half spin is a caution. This sub bitches when they do throw yellows for almost nothing. Brad was on the access road when Chase caught him. Guess just depends who hates the leader tbh.

  32. I mean, we don’t get a post race on FOX either and the pre race is laughable more often than not. Do I need to remind you about the Chastain watermelon seed skit?

  33. Another caution wouldn’t have done anything. Kurt Busch had nothing for Chase. The Toyota’s should’ve all stayed out and gained up on him for the restart.

  34. I can not believe that JGR dominated that race just to decide at the end, let’s all pit so we can not have a single top 5. Not just about the win but huge points implications. KB came in around 20 points back of Chase. Finishing 2nd is whatever. That pit stop just doubled their deficit now. I don’t get it.

  35. I can't believe no one at gibbs thought other cars would stay out. If kb stays out you have the best restarter in history on the front row, then you got the rest with fresh tires. I'm afraid the win and your in gets lost on teams who are already in. It's like they forget there are 20 other teams needing wins.

  36. Kyle Busch lost his shot at the regular season championship tonight. All due to one of the dumbest pit calls I've ever seen.

  37. Points don’t matter. I’m glad Kyle pitted. He wasn’t winning. He took a chance. It was awful but atleast he tried.

  38. Great win by Chase. Too bad it’ll be clouded in controversy. Regardless, I feel he had the best car in the last stage.

  39. What controversy? Rain? Lightning? Dumb pit calls? Or was it just the best car at the end of the race actually won?

  40. Nascar has made some questionable safety calls this year. There are wrecks where you can see how it plays out and then there are wrecks where being safe is better than being sorry. Nascar is lucky they ain't sorry tonight.

  41. That wasn't even the first caution in this race that was manipulated to benefit the 9 car, they waited until he and the Gibbs cars were back on the lead lap to throw the yellow for the 17's tire bouncing down the track

  42. Totally incorrect and if you go back and watch Denny driving down pit road you'll see on the ticker it flips the 18 and 9 back to the lead lap well before Buescher is ever shown.

  43. I feel like that was a “let’s just finish this race” no caution instead of “look who is leading” caution. Still bad either way

  44. One day, and I'm gonna hate when it happens, but them not throwing a caution like they just did is gonna lead to someone getting seriously hurt.

  45. Kinda want Johnson to come back and race in the new car... Felt like his last year was robbed with how bad Hendrick was his last couple years

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