Race Thread: NXS Henry 180 at Road America, starting at 2:30pm EDT on USA (NXS16)

  1. Bummer for Larson to have one slip away due to caution at the end. Good racing though for the finish.

  2. Larson tried to do his typical dirty block and it backfired. Glad Gibbs beat him clean and didn’t dump him on that move

  3. Ty Gibbs 2 months ago would’ve turned Larson when he tried to block, much respect to him today cause that was clean as can be

  4. Larson tried to block him and Gibbs was barely there and then Larson over drove the corner, all racing incidents and I’m sure Larson isn’t going to be extremely aggressive in a lower series where his points don’t matter and Gibbs do

  5. Ty Gibbs is so damn good on road courses. He just outdrove Larson straight up. He's incredibly skilled behind the wheel and there's no denying that.

  6. Yea I used to dislike him for all the common reasons other than his golden spoon, but after today my mind is changing. As someone who used to hate logano and root for Busch to liking Logano and HATING KFB, my opinions change as the years tick. But I’m still gonna love Gragson after today and no one can change my mind on that one, not even my dumbass self 😂

  7. Can’t deny Gibbs has been a goober, but also can’t deny that kid is a hell of a driver. Just straight up beat the defending cup champ.

  8. This is proof that Ty Gibbs is the GOAT and that Joe Gibbs should FIRE all his Cup drivers and replace all 4 of them with Ty.

  9. Gibbs sucks. He only wins cause of his granddaddy wait til he gets to Cup and start racing champions in top-tier equipment then he’ll show how much of a loser he is

  10. Man, all about hating on Gibbs, but that was a good win, he earned that one. Let's hope he checks his ego though

  11. And? This isn’t F1 where you get a 5 second time penalty for racing. What was he supposed to do, let him drive alongside?

  12. He must not have had any front tires left. Just straight up missed the last corner, 4, and Canada in the last lap.

  13. Nice of NBC to not even mention what happened to Sammy Smith coming to the restart that dropped him to 24th 3 laps down, or what happened to Allgaier after the white that dropped him out of the top 10.

  14. he did absolutely nothing wrong there and you guys are still upset at him lmao. i’m not his biggest fan either but you can’t be mad at that

  15. Larson probably regrets going to the outside there. Lost a mountain of time and momentum. Think he just closes up to him then Gibbs can make a mistake easily. Hell of a drive by Ty though!

  16. and you guys don’t want cup guys in xfinity lmao that was a great race foh with those shit takes

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