Post-Race Discussion Thread: NXS Henry 180 at Road America

  1. If I had a nickel for everytime I turned off the race on the last lap with Larson leading thinking he's going to win and he doesn't I'd have 10 cents. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird it's happened twice.

  2. Any particular reason Gragson didn’t get parked like Justin Haley did for intentionally wrecking Herbst at Pocono a couple of years ago? Just too popular? Drives for the right team?

  3. Gragson did nothing wrong. If you had a problem with that move go to indycar and never watch nascar again because you aren't a fan of this sport.

  4. Combination of those things. Haley also didn’t really have a reputation and still doesn’t have a reputation for doing dirty things or crossing lines. Yet he didn’t get any warnings or stern talking-to’s. Just boom, parked, and he only took out Herbst (who, didn’t even suffer bad damage, Herbst was back on track and finished 9th, on the lead lap).

  5. Out of all the tracks cup races at, this one has me nervous for tomorrow. There is zero safer barriers or tires at the track. Then in practice brakes were failing. The new car is going to prove how safe it is. Out of all the races I've watched in the last 2 years, this one has the potential to be the one. My prayers are with the drivers and their families tomorrow.

  6. People give way too much credit to the SAFER barriers… Indycar goes twice as fast at RA and doesn’t have issues, there are tire walls and gravel pits where they need them and unless some idiot hooks someone on a straight it should be fine. RA is significantly less dangerous than any plate race.

  7. There's safer barrier at 9 and 11 and tires lining the outside wall at every corner and the inside of corner exit for most...

  8. Larson showing these kids how to race clean. You don’t full send it into a guy’s bumper just because you can.

  9. Ain’t wrong. Scott doesn’t even do anything race wise with Noah anymore. It’s pretty widely reported that it’s on Noah’s talent now to get him further, and he’s done a good job of it.

  10. Lmao I think Kelley had some wine or seltzers today and decided time to pop off. Favorite is replying to one guy "why is my dad's name your handle".

  11. I feel like if NASCAR suspended Matt Kenseth for 2 races after the logano incident, Gragson should defiantly be penalized for today. Kenseth was usually very clean, while gragson has a reputation for being a weapon. He also put a dozen other drivers at risk here, while the incident with kenseth/Logano did not put anyone other than those two in any sort of danger.

  12. I mean, Kenseth was much more predetermined. He was several laps down and come back onto the track and intentionally plowed into the leader. What Noah did wasn’t smart, and could have been handled better, but it was in the heat of the moment. Kenseth had time to think about what he was gonna do, and still did it lol. They aren’t the same at all.

  13. If there was actually a guy who bet 1k on Larson, that’s hilarious and reminds me of the 2018(?) or 19 race on here where one of you put $500 down on Jimmie to win at Dover and his engine exploded before the race LMAO only OGs remember that one.

  14. I remember a guy on the Formula 1 subreddit last weekend boasting about how he put down like $5000 on Red Bull winning the rest of the season. Not smart. Unless he's a millionaire.

  15. Gibbs only 9 points back of AJ for the points lead. If Gibbs would’ve won Martinsville, he would be the points leader

  16. Got back from the office and see that Iwuji finished 22nd. Without even looking at anything else I know this must have been an interesting race.

  17. The team probably argued he was still loose from when him and the 8 went off the track which probably isn’t true but a valid argument on their part which would be hard to prove otherwise.

  18. Oh I just love it when cup drivers try to boost their ego by beating up on the xfinity and truck drivers and end up getting bodied...

  19. You say bodied but he really didn't. Without a caution with 2 to go, Kyle would have led like 99% of laps from the pole, all stage wins and the final victory lol

  20. Ty earned all the criticism but I also think he earned whatever excessive praise he gets for this. Straight up out hustling the defending cup champ was impressive as hell and I can’t remember many drivers being able to do that, Briscoe at Darlington comes to mind as one of the few others. Very mature performance.

  21. "If you're going to do that, don't make it ten other people's problem", only with more f-words thrown in.

  22. If this Noah thing develops like the last Noah thing did, he'll be harassing Sage Karam on social media for the next month or so

  23. So, does anybody know if Whitney Dillon really is discount Jessica Simpson, or is it an act for this shitty show?

  24. She didn’t seem as bad on the Motortrend show they did but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re directing her to act like this. Reality shows are scripted as hell.

  25. Had the race recorded (which was a great decision for these lengthy yellows.) And just finished. I personally felt this was the best NASCAR race at this track so far, battles all day long and one hell of a finish. Big respect for the 54 and 17 running so hard & clean.

  26. Larson didn't show shit compared to Gibbs lol. obviously he's a great cup racer but in Xfinity he didn't do what Gibbs did

  27. yeah karam shouldn’t act high and mighty. if the 9 gets sideways on the straight after getting forced off by the 45, you get the same stackup. noah still made a really shitty decision.

  28. Sorry Austin Dillon, your show sucks and there isn't really a better way to put it for me. Hope it brings some eyes but man I can't watch this

  29. He also tied Gragson today, and has scored as many this year as he did in his part time season last year (4). Halfway through the year that’s looking good for him in the playoffs and especially the regular season championship. Closed the gap considerably to AJ.

  30. I love how this sub goes from boys have at it to blasting a guy for being mad and wrecking a bunch of cars depending on the driver

  31. Think it’s who you pay attention to or the comments you notice. There’s plenty of consistency, but there’s always gonna be fans that feel burned based on circumstance too.

  32. There's a difference between racing someone hard for a position and wrecking a guy on a straightaway, wrecking a third of the field and putting people at risk for injury.

  33. I'm pretty boys have at it but more so when it doesn't take a 3rd of the field out because you can't control yourself. This was the perfect chance for NASCAR to send a message that self-policing is fine but do so in a way not to wreck the field.

  34. I had to shut off the race with 3 to go because mass was starting thinking it was the most in opportune time. 30 minutes later, I turned off at the right time.

  35. He’s great for the sport, as are other polarizing drivers (every sport needs a villain type). Today was dangerous though. Emotional reaction at a poor time and place, it’s getting rightfully criticized.

  36. It hilarious when he has a few weeks of being quiet we get the "Noah has really turned a corner deal" only to have him circle back to doing the most jackass thing possible. Hooking somebody on the straight is one of the shittiest things you can do in racing. To do in in a blind corner is even worse. Fck that guy.

  37. The Xfinity patch on Larson's firesuit didn't cover up the "CHAMPION", which awkwardly makes it look like he's an Xfinity champion which he is not lol

  38. So far USA has impressed me. I know it's just the NBC bunch but it feels different. We just got 15+ minutes of nothing but post race interviews. Somebody is listening, it would seem.

  39. Between that and all the car break downs. It's truly amazing, as well as sad that fox couldn't do anything like this.

  40. Seriously. I can’t remember the last time there was a post race show for an Xfinity race. I’m impressed.

  41. I am loving this real at-track post race coverage. We have had more today than Fox gave us for 90% of the Cup races.

  42. What sort of cold stuff am i supposed to grab from my refrigerator during the break? Like...i've got all kinds of stuff in there, and most of it is cold.

  43. I'm stunned that a team owner as clean and as classy as Dale Earnhardt Jr. can stomach employing someone like Noah Gragson.

  44. Seemed like he was making progress with him since Atlanta last season, Noah really was maturing and felt like a different driver. Today he snapped back.

  45. Dales talked pretty rough about him on the Download before. I’m sure they will discuss it again next week.

  46. I mean, at the Xfinity level the whole thing is kind of entertaining, and dare i say...endearing? But if he somehow ends up at the Cup level, he's going to become Public Enemy #1 in record time, driving the way he does.

  47. Shoot, always have a ton of respect for Justin, raced with him on iRacing once and he was classy as hell and stayed and chatted with people for 10-15 minutes after. That interview was zero surprise. Seems like a straight up good dude (gives me the feel that he’s the veteran voice for Xfinity drivers, like Martin then Burton were for so long in Cup)

  48. Bummed that Larson didn't win, but that was a heck of a battle for the win. I don't care for him, but there is no denying how good Gibbs has been in the Xfinity Series. Now, whether or not that translates to the Cup Series remains to be seen, but he has all the tools to be a force there. Onto Larson. He tried and did really well, didn't tear up the car, learned for tomorrow and raced with respect to his fellow competitors, unlike some others out there today. He raced hard, but clean and Gibbs did so in return. It was a teaching moment that hopefully will stick with Ty long after this race. That's what Cup drivers should do when they visit. By all means, go for the win, but do it with skill and not aggression. All in all, a successful day.

  49. So what would happen if you won the race and didn't take the interview on the Start finish line? Like you just pulled around, did a burnout, pulled near the wall to grab the flag, got it, and then did a polish victory lap to salute the fans and drove it to victory lane. You didn't miss your media because you have it in victory lane but what's gonna happen lmao

  50. Probably fined by NASCAR or something. Get some heat from them as well but in the grand scheme… nothing. Media wouldn’t be thrilled though because they have crew that need to get in place and set up for that (physically and in the trucks), wastes some of their time and effort in a small way, so they may get snippy too 😂

  51. As the winner, Ty Gibbs gets to kill the last place driver with the ceremonial Henry repeater. As is tradition.

  52. Chastain has been an absolute wrecking ball this year but at least he hasn’t tried to right rear someone out of anger on a straightaway.

  53. I’ll probably be called “BiAs” from my flair but a 19 year old Ty Gibbs was more mature today then a 23-24 (don’t know exactly) Noah Gragson. Ty Gibbs now also has 8 wins in less then 50 starts compared to Noah’s 7 in 100+. Both are good drivers and both are in championship winning equipment.

  54. I really like the idea of switching over to Ty Gibbs when Kurt retires. The timing will work out well, Gibbs seems seriously talented, and as a DC native I love seeing a Gibbs win. I just hope Ty is mature enough for me to take him seriously by the time I need a new driver.

  55. More talented driver has more wins. News at 11! What a weird kinda statement to make when no one is gonna argue that Noah is more talented than Ty.

  56. if Daniel Dye got an assault charge for nuttapping someone, does Gragson get something for hurting Brandon Brown's boys in his incident?

  57. noah gragson looks and acts like a dude that would try to fight you in the funnel cake line at a shopping mall parking lot carnival

  58. Gragson looks like Julian from Trailer Park Boys and has the same level of intelligence. Expected him to say, “It’s all water under the fridge”, or “it isn’t rocket appliances”.

  59. He barely said much about the incident, and tried to justify it by saying "we're fighting/racing for a Championship"

  60. "I'm tired of being doored. I guess it kind of sucks that a dozen other cars got taken out, but I'm done taking Karam's shit" is not exactly taking responsibility.

  61. He’s hasn’t changed in years. Just because you accept responsibility doesn’t deflect from the wrong he was in

  62. Saying the words "I take responsibility" in the middle of a million mumbled excuses isn't good enough. He clearly doesn't understand what he did was wrong.

  63. I've been trying to tell y'all. Victory Lane didn't officially die until FOX just couldn't be bothered at the start of this year.

  64. I’ve tried to defend the guy for awhile but how dense can he be when he thinks it’s just about him vs Sage now when he put a dozen other cars at risk by his actions.

  65. True. The "its over" part of the interview really put me off, because of anyone Sage Karam definitely understands most how dangerous big wrecks can be, and I don't think hes the one to junk someone else like Gragson did to him.

  66. This made me go back to look 😂, I just assumed it was one of those waters in a Monster can but definitely was not…don’t blame him this time of day lol

  67. Probably. I’ve done some media work in the past and am a shorter guy, those boxes or step stools are clutch for a better visual shot when you got someone tall next to you.

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