Race Thread: NCS AutoTrader EchoPark Automotive 500 at Texas Motor Speedway, starting at 3:30pm EDT on USA (NCS30)

  1. What a terrible race. Congratulations to Reddick and the 8 team. Unnecessary tire issues shouldn’t decide a playoff race or champion. I don’t care if it’s Goodyear or the teams but this has to be fixed in the off-season.

  2. Tbh his luck at plate tracks (not including Atlanta) has been pretty good. If I’m remembering correctly, he’s finished top 10 in both Daytona races and in Talladega 1.

  3. I’m going. I’m it worried about him. He’ll probably blow another engine anyway. I’m going to drink beer with my wife and have a good time.

  4. Add him to the list? Denny more people don’t like you than are on your list. You’re been the instigator/wrecker per say plenty of times. Get off your high horse man.

  5. For everyone saying he admitted it: like he said it’s normal to push a guy under caution to show displeasure so he has no problem admitting that. But he’s saying he wasn’t trying to spin him.

  6. wtf is denny talking about, "add him to the list" denny runs into just as many people as people that run into him. dude thinks hes bigger and better than everyone else and hes like the nascar vigilante that needs to tEaCh ThEsE kIdS a LeSsOn when he runs into just as many people lmfao

  7. Dennis. People don’t respect you, because you’re obnoxious. How have you not recognized you are the constant in all these feuds? Christ.

  8. It looked like a decent shunt. Racing incident? Probably. But it would have likely been a hard enough hit.

  9. Dude was seriously trying to say yeah I accelerated into his rear and made sure to not him him center but instead the right side, but its not because I was trying to spin him

  10. RC should have made sure Reddick was a part of his team for a long time but this shows that KFB is probably gonna do some damage with them next year. . Good for Reddick man, I like that guy.

  11. I feel like he’s just gotten too old for it. When you’re close to 40, the last thing you feel like doing after spending hours in a hot racecar is going to throw hands.

  12. It's a shame RCR is losing their best driver and you're right. He should be in the 3 car. Of course pop pop has to put his grandchild in the car. Austin is an average driver. They're getting a huge talent with KyBu next year so it will be interesting to see how he does. I'm also interested in how it will work out for KBM. It's not a huge change considering they run the ilmore motors now so really it's just a front clip change and that's it. I just don't know if they have some stuff they'll lose with JGR/TRD or how that all works. I expect they'll be just as good next year though.

  13. Great day after two absolutely shitty weeks following the win. Hopefully that Jones Boy can do just slightly better than Dega 1 next week.

  14. How this race didn't end with a GWC is beyond me. Congrats to Reddick. A race too late but eh. Also another non-playoff driver win. Keep that streak going!

  15. Why? Why's he seething? He won more money for RC. He keeps showing the team is legit. RC gets to put one of the greatest of all time in that exact car and team next year. Why would he be mad?

  16. Can we stop acting like it’s so bizarre that Reddick is still trying to do good even though in a year and a half he’s driving for another team?

  17. Thank god it's finally over. I never wanna see a 500 mile race at at Texas again UNTIL it's finally reconfigured.

  18. Is there anyone Hamlin hasn’t had issues with? Why he gets a pass is beyond me. At some point you have to point the finger at yourself.

  19. saying this as a "on the fence" fan of Dennis....hes been around for 20 years. hes a veteran. he has been one of the top drivers for a very long time. that means hes gonna race close with everyone and its bound to happen.

  20. Hopefully that was the last Texas race we watched with this configuration. Make it a short track or a dedicated dirt track

  21. Back to back weeks my drivers finish second, would’ve loved to have these two weeks a little different but congrats to Reddick fans.

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