Ross in Junk vs Ross with A Real Team!

  1. Chip Ganassi wasn’t as bad as everyone wants it to be. For the last few years they were getting at least one victory a season and were sure to make a playoffs. No rookie does well during their debut seasons anymore. Look at Cindric who’s struggling but for the last two Xfinity seasons was one of the top drivers

  2. But this is the main criticism about Chip and his nascar team: - If Chip Ganassi actually cared about his Nascar team, then why in every racing sunday after 2018, he stopped appearing in the nascar races supporting his team, instead he uses the racing sundays for his Indycar team?

  3. I'm newish to the sport. Is chip gannasi a bad team? From name only I thought I was pretty good. Though ik very little about teams

  4. Chip Ganassi's Nascar team was an absorption from Felix Sabates's SABCO racing team. When Chip Ganassi took over the team it had decent fairly decent performance in the first 10 years. However as the lates 2010s loomed their consistent performance dwindled as Jamie McMurray retired, & Kyle Larson was fired, leaving Kurt Busch as their last star driver. Chip Ganassi and his nascar team was pretty good at hiring decent talented drivers, but they lacked a supply of good equipment as they acted as a satellite team rather than an in house constructor. In addition it was becoming more and more obvious that chip didnt care about his nascar team as his sunday appearences were more frequent in indycar than in nascar..His team wont be forgotten for their legendary victories at the Daytona 500, Brickyard 400, Southern 500, and etc

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