We’re about to save a shit ton of 💵💶💴💷 on gas fees. Insane!

  1. They're partnered with Immutable X which is already one of the biggest ETH layer 2 platforms out there so I'm pretty optimistic for this.

  2. Loopring was fudded to the high heavens in the GME/Stonks subs. Disregarded as tinfoil hat shit. Glad I got in when I did. Hurts to be ignorant and even more so to be arrogant about your ignorance.

  3. The chrome extension wallet just cost me $0.65 cents to permanently activate the layer 2 function. L2's are definitely the future.

  4. Or find the extension from their website…your advice will get people phished in some way, shape or form. Always best to get from official source and not googling the extension.

  5. Yes, what the other guy said. Do not fucking google sites. I see people get phished every single day by using a looksrare link with one letter off. You go to allow permissions and bam, wallet drained or nft stolen. Just dont do it.

  6. It’s about time. Gas fees limit the amount of people willing to trade NFTs. Is really annoying swapping between tokens to buy different NFTs and being charged a ton each time

  7. Exactly. Its not some new groundbreaking tech. Gamestop fanboys are just looking for reasons to pump their GME bags that they bought at $200+. Lets forget the dozens of other chains and L2s out there and go toward centralization, thatll show em!

  8. This is misleading comparing a layer 2 fee to ethereum normal layer 1 fees. Sure polygon and loop ring are cheaper but you’re not interacting with ethereum’s blockchain…

  9. This is the most miss leading post. This ultimately has nothing to do with the game stop wallet and everything to do with a L2. If you have been waiting on a GameStop wallet to use a L2 then you are just burning money.

  10. You’re comparing a L1 transaction to an L2, of course Metamask’s gas will be higher. It’s disingenuous to not compare MM on a L2 to GameStop on an L2

  11. The downvotes prove my point. Either the GME fanboys are in full force, or gamestpp themselves have been taking over reddit.

  12. I can do the same transaction on Metamask by using Binance smart chain network or polygon network or so many other compatible networks on MetaMask. Youre comparing Apples to Oranges

  13. SpunkyDred is a terrible bot instigating arguments all over Reddit whenever someone uses the phrase apples-to-oranges. I'm letting you know so that you can feel free to ignore the quip rather than feel provoked by a bot that isn't smart enough to argue back.

  14. Between $10 and $19 ??? I didn't buy a lot of NFTs but the range of TX costs on the eth blockchain varied around $5 and $120 for me. Just saying...

  15. The merge will not be as efficient as an L2, but it will dramatically improve gas fees. Which with farther reduce gas fees on all L2s, not just this shiny new one.

  16. Is true? It sounds cool I just want to know. I’ve only used metamask to generate a wallet bc I was directed there from the .org. The fees did see high. Are we all assuming GME wallet will be as safe as metamask? Can we get an outside audit of security features?

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  18. Looks great, hope its delivered with pure safety in in..Is it able to have NFTs on it like on metamask? Sounds allright but i would like that my BAYC and AngelBlock NFTs are safe af..I think they will grow in value further, esp the second pick, when they release THOL

  19. Love this, I've been using metamask for 4 years now. I think it's time i move my shiryo and ETH to GameStop, gas fees has been a big issue.

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