Saquon Barkley was DEAD last in big play rate among all running backs with at least 100 touches last season.

  1. It's 3% in the aggregate, but if you compare Barkley to Booker directly then Booker had 65.3% more big plays in roughly 20 less touches. (4.9% x 1.653 ~= 8.1%)

  2. Yeah we cannot take any stats from basically any offensive player last year as indicative of anything.

  3. There is always hope. However, he was clearly diminished with all of those injuries. I am not sure any player has come back and been a monster after this many injuries and obvious fall off of skill. A QB could do it cause its not as athletic of a position. However, Running Back you can argue requires the most athletic talent of any position in football and its less about knowledge.

  4. Probably 20 plus yards . Regardless did break one last yr? No but to be fair the offense was dreadful and he was recovering from yrs of injury I think he’ll be better this yr

  5. 10+ yard rush or 20+ yard reception. Pretty low threshold if you ask me, which only highlights how bad he has been. And yes, rushing efficiency/production is EXTREMELY dependent on the run blocking ability of the OLine, which (a) is one of the primary reasons why running backs don’t matter (ie. they aren’t even close to the most important factor in their own production), and (b) still doesn’t explain why almost all of Barkley’s backups for 2 straight years have been more efficient and productive than he is.

  6. Players are typically not useful and still conditioning the year after coming back from an ACL tear. No reason to make any judgments off of last season. Terrible offense as a whole doesn’t help his case either

  7. Crazy the hate this dude gets. He hasn’t played healthy in how long? These same haters will be riding his [email protected] when he blows up again and shows his skills and talents. And like u said wtf did the offense do as a whole to help his case. Not to mention the way the coaching staff handled the offensive game as a whole.

  8. He was alive first his rookie year...shows you what going from 23rd ranked offense to 31st ranked offense will do to coming off injury.

  9. The o line wasn’t good his rookie year either when he produced. There was only one above average player and that was Will Hernandez. Solder, Hernandez, Pulley, Jamon Brown & Wheeler started the majority of games. Ereck Flowers, Jon Halapio, John Greco, Omameh were the backups.

  10. My mind is split over him. Long time Giants fan since the 80s my favourite Giants teams were always as strong running as they were with Eli, it gave Eli space to shock and surprise as he so often did as the opposition had to worry about both sides of the offence. Saquon has the build to be amongst our greats if he can stay on the field.

  11. Saquon wasn‘t Saquon for most of the season and it‘s hard to create explosive plays when you have to juke 3 defenders in the backfield. The only explosive play I remember was the TD on the wheel route vs the Saints where Marshon Lattimore got caught with his hand in the cookie jar

  12. Yea. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he looks legit again this year. Or if he's never the same. It'll be either a very good or very bad season for him

  13. That's the thing... Saquon WAS Saquon last year. His rookie year is the outlier, the rest of his career he's been either injured or mediocre. The line didn't help, but there were plenty of times that they'd open a hole for a good 3-5 yard gain and Saquon would bounce it to the outside for a two yard loss instead.

  14. The hate boners some people here have for this guy are pretty funny. So caught up in someone else’s misfortune.

  15. I think this has more to do with offensive line play than the running back. The Browns had 3 RB inside the top 9 and Booker was near the bottom as well with only 8%.

  16. I’m a Chiefs fan and I believe their offensive line is miles better than the Giants, so seeing CEH even below Booker has me wondering why the hell he was ever drafted so high… probably won’t be getting a second contract from the Chiefs if you ask me (definitely shouldn’t anyways).

  17. Omg, your telling me Saquon Barkley isn't good as a RB anymore!? Next thing your gonna tell me is that Daniel Jones isnt the next coming of Joe Montana!

  18. How many years is 'crappy o line' going to be the excuse when other rbs with just as bad or worse lines, at least, take the 3-5 they're given instead of bouncing it to the outside for a loss? 2? 3 years?

  19. "just as bad or worse lines" like maybe Miami or Carolina would be the arguments here last year and even they had better gameplans

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