Has anyone heard of Suffolk raiding homes and taking peoples guns under red flag laws recently?

  1. Thank you. Missed this story. I worry about the second example in it. It seems at least one resident of Suffolk shared over text with a friend that they were sad because their grandmother had passed away. Somehow this got to Suffolk County PD "(a)nd ultimately that led to police breaking down his door, taking his guns away." (direct quote attributed to

  2. I wouldn't be surprised, but I'm just speculating here, that a lot of these cases were due to domestic issues.

  3. I couldn’t think of a better way to disarm my opposition. I mean hell, if I was part of the NY democratic monopoly I wouldn’t want the people who disagree with me to be armed either.

  4. They don't need to raid homes because the people with permits are law abiding citizens who generally turn them in willingly.

  5. You people are too darn paranoid. I am a gun owner, I am proud to say it, and I am open about it with friends. Yes, I consider you guys friends, now don’t let me regret it.

  6. You are being silly, you know very well a dealer will not give you a weapon without Suffolk police giving you a piece of paper. Oh you mean smuggling your gun in from another state. I see, you want to be one of those.

  7. I support red flag laws that are used appropriately. Like if some clown is threatening to shoot up a school or someone is actually express a desire to harm their selves or others. Unfortunately, when Hochul praises a police department for using the law more than any other county and says they are doing it best it seems much more like encouragement to just grab guns for any reason they can imagine, which is not what the law is designed for. Sadly we can't have reasonable gun control because liberals like Hochul and the other anti-gunners are not reasonable. To them gun control is a way to seize firearms and not about commonsense or making us safe.

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